Beidle, Klosterman for council Sun endorsements: 1st District choice for Anne Arundel County Council tougher than for 2nd district.

October 26, 1998

VOTERS IN Anne Arundel County's 1st Councilmanic District have two capable candidates to replace the retiring George F. Bachman Jr.

Democrat Pamela Graboski Beidle and Republican Gerald P. Starr have long been active in the community. Both candidates have deep roots in northern Anne Arundel, which would serve either well in dealing with constituent complaints and local problems.

However, service on the council requires broad perspective that extends beyond the parochial issues of the district.

In this regard, Ms. Beidle outshines Mr. Starr. She has a better grasp of countywide issues and would be more likely to contribute to council deliberations on knotty issues involving the budget, education and development.

Mr. Starr, a retired Westinghouse employee, has made an issue of his promise to be a full-time council member. He contrasts this to Ms. Beidle's statements that she would to be a part-time council member and continue her occupation as an insurance agent.

Full- or part-time service does not determine competency. Besides, the council is established as a part-time body. In her energetic campaign, Ms. Beidle has demonstrated the political and intellectual qualities to be a fully engaged council member while maintaining her insurance business.

In the 2nd District, the choice is simpler: Democrat Daniel Klosterman has the temperament and skills to serve on the council. Republican Robert G. Pepersack, the former, controversial county sheriff, does not.

Mr. Klosterman, an accountant who has worked in government and maintained a private practice, understands the county's fiscal matters. He served on Anne Arundel's Spending Affordability Committee for six years and has the professional training to decipher the massive, $700 million county budget.

Mr. Pepersack presents the opposite picture. As sheriff from 1990 to 1994, he overspent his budget and ran the office in an arbitrary manner, promoting favorites and using deputies to investigate political opponents. His confrontational style would accomplish nothing on the council.

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Pub Date: 10/26/98

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