Marchibroda is not the manAfter watching the Ravens bumble...


October 25, 1998

Marchibroda is not the man

After watching the Ravens bumble and stumble against the Tennessee Oilers on Oct. 11, I quickly thought back to the column written by John Steadman that day.

I do agree that the Ravens' on-field product is better, we do have some fine players, but "excellent" coaching by Ted Marchibroda? Ha!

His offense is predictable, and his ability to motivate players is nonexistent. You could sum it all up by saying not much has changed with Ted in the 20 years since he first became associated with Baltimore football.

I know the players ultimately have to perform, but they have to be prepared to play by a capable coach. If all the players had to do was perform, they wouldn't need a coach. So with that, please, Art Modell, do us a gigantic favor and fire Marchibroda.

Scott Ward


Give M. Lewis a shot

Nothing is more frustrating than having a team that has talent on the field but not enough coaching talent to win.

The Ravens should fire Ted Marchibroda now and replace him with defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis on an interim basis to see if Lewis has any talent as a head coach.

At season's end, if the Ravens are not headed in the right direction, then they can look at George Seifert, Steve Spurrier, etc.

Marchibroda is a nice man. So was Jimmy Carter. That doesn't make you a winner.

Bob Martindale

Bel Air


Steelers rule the roost

Sitting up here in Pennsylvania, it's amusing to read The Sun's sportswriters always talking about the Ravens "manhandling the Steelers" or "being able to play" with the Steelers, or quoting some Raven as saying "Pittsburgh is a dead-nothing town."

Well, the truth is that the Ravens are "dead nothing," and fans here in Pennsylvania don't even consider them a big rival.

As for Baltimore, we think it's just a big theme park for the Washington, D.C., area where we visit to watch the Steelers win all the time.

Greg Gotwatt

York, Pa.

Blast deserves fair shake

I have been an indoor soccer fan since the early 1980s when the original Blast came to town. I was a season-ticket holder during the entire tenure of the Spirit, the team that took the place of the Blast but in a different league. The Sun and the local television stations were to blame for that team's poor fan support because there was no proper coverage.

We indoor soccer fans are very lucky to have a local owner like Ed Hale, who purchased the Spirit and renamed them the Blast again so we could try to get that same excitement back in Baltimore.

We need The Sun and local stations to give them what they deserve, the coverage they need to build on the campaign. I see already this year you are starting off on the wrong foot. Please give the Blast a fair shake.

Ronnie Bolyard


Let all the kids play

The Freedom Optimist-sponsored Sykesville Raider Football Program has a reputation for not playing all the kids in games and should be held accountable for this injustice done to our children.

The organizers boast, very proudly, at the parents meeting at the start of the season: "We do not have a 'must play' rule."

The kids give blood, sweat and tears during the practices that are held four nights a week during the entire month of August, and two nights a week during the school season. They endure this hard work for the love of the game and their willingness to learn. Then some kids don't end up playing in the games?

They are not given the opportunity to exercise what they have learned because all the coaches care about is winning.

It takes a big coach to know how to intelligently play all his men, so that everyone grows and learns. This league is obviously not run by intelligent people.

Phillip C. Geppi

Hunt Valley

Pub Date: 10/25/98

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