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October 25, 1998

Pick candidates who back school construction

Parents: Vote on Nov. 3, but vote carefully. Carroll County commissioner candidate Robin Bartlett Frazier stated at a Realtors' forum Oct. 8 that two new high schools are unnecessary. I strongly disagree and call into question the basis upon which she makes that claim.

The crowding in both the Freedom and Westminster high schools is well-known by parents in those areas and well-documented by the Board of Education and staff.

Liberty High School was built to hold 1,170 students, but currently holds 1,548 (132 percent of capacity).

South Carroll was built to hold 1,305 students, but it currently holds 1,496 (115 percent of capacity). Westminster was built to hold 2,031 students, but it currently holds 2,357 (116 percent of capacity).

Future enrollments in both Freedom and Westminster will increase, as evidenced by our elementary and middle school enrollments. Enrollments overwhelmingly require the new schools -- both of them.

Which area will continue to suffer with overcrowded schools? Which area will get the new school?

Parents, do not be fooled into thinking that because the property has been purchased in both locations, both schools will be built. Freedom parents, do not think that just because the high school at Linton Springs is to be built first that Westminster will be the area to go without. The new Board of Commissioners can decide at any time to redirect or cancel funding for either school.

The commissioners approve and fund the school board budget. Not a dime is spent by the Board of Education that is not approved by them.

It only takes two commissioners to kill one of the schools. If Commissioner Donald I. Dell and Robin Frazier serve together, they would have the power to eliminate either school. Mr. Dell has said on various occasions that he and Ms. Frazier are of like minds on most issues.

Do not sit idly by. To ensure that all children in Carroll County have a quality education, vote for a candidate who will not cut school construction.

Carolyn L. Fairbank understands the importance of public education and is committed to ensuring that our children receive the best possible education at the most reasonable cost. These new schools would help in that effort. As a result of her commitment to education, the Carroll County Education Association has endorsed her.

Do not assume that two schools will be built. Can we take that chance with our children's education?

Roberta J. Windham


Republican majority depends on voters

The September Republican primary result was not entirely to my liking. However, the majority selection is one that I will support, from the office of governor to the offices of Orphans' Court judges.

The Republican Party in Carroll is in the majority by about 8,000 voters and should dominate Nov. 3. However, we can do this only if Republicans come out to vote.

There are many vulnerabilities that Republicans should recognize, and these could adversely affect almost every office. The primary turnout was about 27 percent; if the liberal Democrats energize their base to turn out 55 percent, and our turnout is only 40 percent, Republicans could lose every office, and we would have Ellen Willis Miller and Ann Ballard as Carroll delegates -- a chilling thought.

Of course, that scenario is unlikely, but the thought drives home the need for every Republican to vote and to do his utmost to get every other Republican to vote for Republican candidates for every office.

The benefit to all Carroll citizens, by so doing, will be to further the goal of making Maryland truly a two-party state. And with a substantial plurality for Ellen Sauerbrey, we will help to offset the probable Democratic pluralities in Prince George's and Montgomery counties and Baltimore city.

I have not mentioned the many politically conservative Democrats in Carroll, those who have voted with Republicans often in the past. I appeal to these voters to join Republicans again to benefit our county and to help put conservative Ms. Sauerbrey in the governor's office.

In 1994, Ms. Sauerbrey won Carroll County with about 72 percent of the vote. Let's exceed that figure on Nov. 3, say 85 percent to 90 percent.

Arthur B. Lego


Beware promises of GOP campaign

As an observer of American politics for the past 63 years, I have found the Republicans' pre-election promises to be total strangers to post-election facts.

The GOP, "a staunch foe of socialism," introduced communism to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 when President Eisenhower supplied arms and money for Fidel Castro's revolution.

The harshest critic of communism, Richard Nixon, who habitually scorned his opponents as "pinko," "commie lover" and "socialist," flew hat in hand for acceptance and recognition by the Chinese communists.

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