"I like chocolate and I'm a Cocoa Puffs boy, so I like...

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October 25, 1998

"I like chocolate and I'm a Cocoa Puffs boy, so I like 'The Chocolate Touch' by Patrick Skene Catling. John ate so much chocolate that when he kissed his mother she turned to chocolate. When he was going to get a drink of water the water turned to chocolate. To find out how John's mother gets back to being herself and how John gets rid of the chocolate touch, read 'The Chocolate Touch.' "

- Daniel Beall

Arbutus Elementary

"My favorite book is 'Arthur's First Sleepover' by Marc Tolon Brown. I like it when Arthur, Buster and the Brain saw lights. The light was coming from 'Planet D.W.' I think Arthur thought, 'I am never going to have another sleepover.' I also liked the pictures because you can see them well."

- Amelia Kate Lory,

Fifth District Elementary

" 'RT, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH' by Jane Leslie Conly is a continuing story of Rasco and the rats of NIMH. I liked it because it was really funny. Rasco was one of the main characters. What happens to him is he saves the lives of two children. He is brave and responsible too. I especially liked the part when Rasco kept giving RT food when Margaret wasn't there."

- Maya Agger,

Greenmount School

Pub Date: 10/25/98

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