Musical satirizes Diana's death

October 22, 1998|By Knight Ridder/Tribune

Was Princess Diana murdered? And what key would that be in?

These questions arise as "Die, Die, Diana," a new musical, prepares to open on at California's San Jose State University tomorrow. The production, described as an irreverent, proudly tasteless musical satire pushing the theory that Diana Spencer was assassinated, is getting attention from around the globe.

"Die, Die, Diana," by San Jose State professor Scott Sublett and composer Jef Labes, chronicles the last days of Diana. It features a cast of students as the British royal family and satirizes everything from Diana's divorce to her bulimia.

Songs include "Yes, Sometimes I Loved You," which Diana sings after rejecting Charles for the last time; "The Shakespeare Samba," which features Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles engaging in sexual tomfoolery; and "If Only I Could Breed Them Like My Horses," in which Queen Elizabeth laments the ill-advised romantic entanglements of her children.

"I never intended to write a play," said Sublett, "but I just felt like writing this one.

"I began the Monday after her death [in 1997]. And when I got to the point of where the first song should be, I wrote the song and knew it was going to be a musical."

Pub Date: 10/22/98

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