Sauerbrey hits Glendening for negative ads CAMPAIGN AD WATCH

October 21, 1998|By Laura Lippman

Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey has released a 30-second television spot that takes Gov. Parris N. Glendening to task for running negative ads.

What the ads say: The commercial begins with a quote from a Sept. 30 editorial in The Sun: "Sauerbrey has a clear, crisp vision we haven't seen that from Parris Glendening."

It goes on to say that the governor is running a "campaign of fear," and Sauerbrey says that she has sponsored "tough mandatory sentences for crimes with guns" and has "a strong environmental plan to protect the Chesapeake Bay."

"I'll cut your taxes, improve our schools, and always work to make Maryland proud of our first woman governor," she concludes. "Now that's positive change."

The facts: While an editorial in The Sun did chide Glendening for not better articulating his vision for the state's future, the newspaper has strongly endorsed him for re-election.

Sauerbrey did sponsor legislation, now law, that prohibits parole for anyone serving the mandatory five-year sentence for use of a handgun in a felony. But she opposed all major gun-control initiatives during her 16 years in the House of Delegates.

She does have a 12-point environmental plan, which includes such untested proposals as "state-of-the-art roadside sensors" to gauge vehicle emissions. She also advocates the use of disease-free oysters, which have yet to be produced in the mass quantities that would be needed in the Chesapeake Bay.

The League of Conservation Voters chose Sauerbrey as one of the state's worst legislators when she was in office.

Analysis: Glendening has gone after Sauerbrey's environmental record in several ads. He also labeled her "the NRA's point woman" in Maryland. This is her rebuttal. Polls show that most Marylanders are concerned about the environment and support the state's gun control laws. Glendening hopes to use both issues to his advantage. Sauerbrey is hoping to defuse them and focus attention on her agenda. The ad is notable for the reference to Sauerbrey'squest to become Maryland's "first woman governor" - a point she has seldom made in the campaign until now.

Pub Date: 10/21/98

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