Real help with school struggles


October 21, 1998

"Finding Help When Your Child Is Struggling in School" (September 1998), by Lawrence J. Greene; Golden Books Publishing Co., Inc., Adult Publishing Group, 888 Seventh Ave., New York 10106-4100; $14.

More and more children are struggling in school for a variety of reasons. Some have difficulty organizing and completing their work. Some have learning disabilities that may not have been identified. Some are frustrated and act out. Whatever the problem, parents are often at a loss as to where to begin to find the answers. This book, by the author of "Getting Smarter," empowers parents with the tools and information they need to be proactive advocates for their child's right to a good education.

In clear language, Greene offers systematic and strategic plans to negotiate within the school system (and outside the system when appropriate) to get help for your child. However, he does not put the onus entirely upon getting outside help. He also points out the need for parental monitoring and supervision if a child is struggling in school or not completing work, and he offers specific suggestions and useful checklists to make the task easier. Perhaps what is most salient about this book is the author's positive approach to helping form an alliance between families and schools with the child's best interests in mind. This is a current and thorough resource for many parents who wonder if more can be done.

Reviewed by Susan Rapp,

Village Reading Center

Pub Date: 10/21/98

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