"I read the book 'Butterflies and Moths' by David Carter...


October 21, 1998

"I read the book 'Butterflies and Moths' by David Carter and there were more butterflies than there were moths. The real pretty moths live in other countries but the monarch butterfly lives in America. If you're interested in butterflies and moths, this is the book for you."

- Jeremy Cross,

Leith Walk Elementary

"I like 'Christmas in the Big Woods' by Laura Ingalls Wilder because it tells you about Laura and Mary's life, and it has really good pictures."

- Jesse Rice,

Eldersburg Elementary

"The best book I ever read is 'Stay! Keeper's Story' by Lois Lowry. I loved this book because the dog is the narrator and he writes funny poems in every chapter. You have to read this book to find out what adventures this dog has and the wonderful place he ends up."

- Billy McBride,

Chesapeake Academy

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