Keys to the game

October 19, 1998|By Mike Preston

1 The Ravens couldn't handle the Pittsburgh blitz, allowing their quarterbacks to get sacked seven times.

2 The Ravens didn't make any big offensive plays inside the red zone, settling for a field goal and getting intercepted.

3 The Ravens had one major defensive breakdown, when Charles Johnson slipped by Duane Starks for a 55-yard touchdown catch.

They said it

The winners...

"We got a win, but I don't feel like we won. I'm concerned about the holes in our offense. I'm not as happy as the other guys in here." Charles Johnson, Steelers wide receiver

... the losers

"We have to keep working to make it happen. We've got to make plays. Coulda, woulda, shoulda if, if, if. We're just not getting it done." Rod Woodson,Ravens cornerback

Pub date 10/19/98

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