How completely out of it are you? Quiz: Questions will reveal just how hip and hot you're not.


It's autumn -- and that means an avalanche of new. Fall movies. The new TV season. CD releases by the bucketful. The fall fashion onslaught. It's a whole 'nother generation of stuff to keep up with.

Or not.

Are you troubled by the gnawing sensation that you no longer know what's hot or who's big?

Face it: You're out of it!

But just how far out of it have you gotten? This test will help you figure out to what degree you've lost contact with contemporary life. And we're not talking about the cultural vanguard. All the top-scoring answers are well within the mainstream. Seriously!

So give your honest responses here. Total your score. Find your Out Of It Rating. Then pull the covers back over your head.

1. Your wardrobe for this fall contains a significant amount of:

a) gray

b) brown

c) black

d) red

2. You like to dance:

a) The Lindy

b) The Twist

c) The Hustle

d) in the mosh pit

3. The cartoon characters who really crack you up are:

a) George, Jane, Judy and Elroy

b) Ren & Stimpy

c) Beavis & Butt-Head

d) Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny

4. When someone mentions Sugar Ray, you think they are talking about:

a) Boxing legend Ray Robinson

b) Boxing legend Ray Leonard

c) The Huntington Beach band that scored a hit with "Fly"

d) The Huntington Beach band that scored a hit with "Come Out And Play"

5. You're heading out for a night on the town. You paint your fingernails:

a) pink

b) flaming red

c) black

d) purple

6. To be sure you're home by curfew, before you go out you strap on your:

a) Swatch

b) G-Shock

c) Fossil

d) Timex

7. You stop at the gym after work to take a class in:

a) Spinning

b) Pilates

c) Step aerobics

d) Jazzercize

8. To make your CD collection up to date, you would add a disc from the hip-hop artist:

a) Master P

b) Ice Cube

c) Notorious B.I.G.

d) Kurtis Blow

9. You recall a story about a famous hunk in an embarrassing sex scandal. The hunk you are recalling is:

a) Rob Lowe

b) Erroll Flynn

c) George Michael

d) Hugh Grant

10. Asked to name three fashion models, you answer:

a) Heidi Klum, Amber Valleta and Gisele

b) Rebecca Romijn, Kate Moss and Tyra Banks

c) Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson

d) Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley

11. You know the TV gal all the young guys are going gaga over is:

a) Jennifer Aniston

b) Pamela Anderson

c) Lucy Lawless

d) Sarah Michelle Gellar

12. The magazine you read most frequently is:

a) Rolling Stone

b) Details

c) Wired

d) Wallpaper

13. You're asked to name an actor-singer with a common name yet uncommon popularity. You offer:

a) Roy Rogers

b) Tom Jones

c) Don Johnson

d) Will Smith


Add (or subtract) points corresponding your answer.

1. a) 3 points. It's "the new black." b) 1 point; that was "the new black" a couple of years ago. c) 2 points; the old black is never really out. d) 0 points; this was always just red.

2. a) 3 points; Didn't we see you at the Derby? b) -1 point. c) 0 points. d) 2 points, dude.

3. a) 0 points. b) 1 point. c) 2 points. d) 3 points for digging the "South Park" kids; take a bonus point if you knew Cartman's first name is Eric.

4. a) 0 points. b) 1 point; he's alive at least. c) 3 points for tabbing O.C.'s MTV favorites. d) -10 points; that's the Offspring, and you're guessing.

5. a) -2 points; looks great with a poodle skirt. b) 0 points. c) 2 points. d) 3 points.

6. a) 0 points; not even. b) 3 points. c) 2 points. d) -1 point, but it does keep on ticking.

7. a) 2 points; at least it's a late '90s trend. b) 3 points; everything really old is new again. c) 1 point; do it to a Paula Abdul record. d) 0 points; don't forget your leg warmers!

8. a) 3 points; you got the hookup. b) 1 point. c) 2 points. d) 0 points; those are the breaks.

9. a) -1 point; Rob Who? b) -3 points; you are indeed in like Flynn. c) 3 points; Wham! d) 2 points; right decade, though.

10. a) 3 points; now, put down the Vogue. b) 2 points; now, put down that Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. c) 1 point. d) 0 points.

11. a) 1 point. b) 0 points. c) 2 points; but Xena has been superseded as the queen of the WB by d) the star of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." Take 3 points if you knew that.

12. a) 0 points. b) 1 point. c) 2 points; but more tired than wired. d) 3 points; in fact, take 1 point if you've even heard of it.

13. a) -3 points. b) 0 points. c) 1 point; at least he has a show on. d) 3 points; and if you missed this one, there's no hope.

Your out-of-it-rating

(Zero points or fewer) Out of it and proud of it: You miss Uncle Miltie, faithfully rake your shag carpet and worry about what the hippies are doing to America. Time to think about a color television.

(1-20) The lost generation: You were once "with it," but not since the Reagan administration. You use terms like "yuppie" and "power tie," thrill to "Miami Vice" reruns and are eternally searching for a store that rents Betamax.

(21-34) Pedaling to keep up: You eventually figure out what's in -- usually just when it's on its way out. You like Pearl Jam, Quentin Tarantino movies and "NYPD Blue" and have thought about getting your own Web page and-or taking swing dance lessons.

(35-40) In it: Whatever you're doing must be the thing to do -- and you must have too much free time to do it. How's school this term?

Pub Date: 10/19/98

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