Ann M. Ballard would be strong advocate for 4BI am writing...


October 18, 1998

Ann M. Ballard would be strong advocate for 4B

I am writing to residents of Emmitsburg, Harney, Middleburg, Mount Airy, New Windsor, Taneytown and Union Bridge to commend Ann M. Ballard to represent District 4B's concerns in the Maryland legislature. Your vote for her seat in the House of Delegates makes good sense.

I served with Mrs. Ballard on the Carroll County Board of Education for eight years, and I have witnessed her at work. She is a dedicated, hard-working and intelligent public servant.

It is recognized among board members that Mrs. Ballard receives more phone calls than any of us. Clearly, her constituents identify her as someone who gets the job done. She returns every call and is reliable and resourceful in finding solutions. Simply, she gets results.

She has firsthand experience and knows how the system works, or doesn't. She has learned that cooperation in Annapolis directly affects educational outcomes as well as other quality-of-life issues in our communities. Her concern for your quality-of-life regarding economic development, health services, the environment and public safety is what motivates her.

Carolyn L. Scott


TD The writer is a member of the Carroll County Board of Education.

Reporter's assurances didn't match article

This is to rebut the article in the Oct. 2 edition of The Sun in Carroll "Preservation clashes with owners" by Mary Gail Hare.

My husband and I recently purchased and remodeled an historic site on Main Street in Sykesville. Ms. Hare telephoned me and asked for an interview about what was involved in restoring our building. I asked Ms. Hare if the article she was writing had anything to do with the siding issue. I told her that if her article was going to be a rehash of the siding issue, I wanted no part of it. I specified that she should not include my interview or feature my building in an article on siding.

Ms. Hare assured me that her article had nothing to do with the siding issue and that she was writing a feature on Main Street in Sykesville. I agreed to a brief phone interview and gave her permission to have our building photographed. Imagine my surprise when the paper published an article about siding. Whatever happened to editorial judgment?

Elaine C. Gossage


Take another look at Gingrich's history

I am incensed that Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was cleared of three ethics charges because he is no longer doing "it" (The Sun, Oct. 11). Will the impeachment inquiry ask if President Clinton is still doing "it"?

Mr. Gingrich, who was the instigator in taking our country down this obscene road on a morals charge, should look at his own background. Is it moral to serve your wife divorce papers while she is in a hospital for cancer surgery?

Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr should do some checking on Mr. Gingrich's personal background to see if he is fit to be speaker of the House.

Grace Gladden


Pub Date: 10/18/98

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