25 years ago: While $8,181,000 was being accepted as the...


October 18, 1998|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago: While $8,181,000 was being accepted as the low bid by Charles J. Frank Inc. for the new North Carroll High School last week at the school board meeting, Francis Scott Key received a boost of sorts for an auditorium and leaking roof repairs. Board member Richard Dixon called the board's attention to a proposed second auditorium for South Carroll, which was a higher priority in board plans than a first auditorium for Francis Scott Key. The board agreed the matter was worth review. "When you go into Francis Scott Key on a rainy day, there are buckets and pails all over the place to catch the rain coming in," said Mrs. Norman Conden, whose husband is vice principal of New Windsor school. Mrs. Conden suggested that ** the board visit and "see for yourself." Whether it will rain Nov. 14 remains to be seen, but the board will hold its next meeting at Key on that day. -- the Carroll Record, Oct. 18, 1973.

50 years ago: Dedication of the war memorial plaque at Lineboro by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Company has been announced for Oct. 23. The Gold Star mothers will officiate at the unveiling, there being five gold stars on the plaque. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 15, 1948.

75 years ago: A representative from each of five volunteer fire companies of Carroll County -- Manchester, Taneytown, Lineboro, Hampstead and Westminster -- met in the Firemen's Building Monday and formed a temporary county firemen's association. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 19, 1923.

100 years ago: Charles A. Reaver, who lived on the farm of Granville S. Haines, near Union Bridge, died on Saturday night under circumstances indicating poison. He was taken sick after eating cabbage at dinner and some days previously Paris green had been found scattered about the garden. The conditions were so suspicious that an examination was ordered by the state's attorney and Dr. Jos. T. Hering of this city. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 15, 1898.

Pub Date: 10/18/98

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