Schaefer for comptroller Sun endorsement: Ex-governor better candidate to succeed Goldstein, given his experience.

October 18, 1998

WILLIAM Donald Schaefer has been a highly visible figure in Maryland for a quarter-century, first as a mayor of Balti- more for almost four terms, then as a two-term governor.

His knowledge of the workings of local and state government and his vast experience in responsibly handling billions in taxpayer dollars make him well qualified to serve as state comptroller. His Republican opponent, Larry M. Epstein, is a longtime Owings Mills accountant, with some good ideas for improving tax collections. But he is no match for Mr. Schaefer in other aspects of the comptroller's job, where political skills are essential.

That is especially true on the three-member Board of Public Works, which handles billions of dollars in construction contracts.

Regardless of who wins the governor's race, the next comptroller will play a pivotal role on the board as a countervailing force.

Mr. Schaefer would be an able successor to the late Louis L. Goldstein, who spent 40 years in the job. Yes, the ex-governor can be unorthodox. But that was also the case with the popular Mr. Goldstein. The two men shared a passion for government and for serving the public.

The Sun endorses Mr. Schaefer. He would do well running the comptroller's office.

Pub Date: 10/18/98

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