Just who is worthy of our support?

October 17, 1998|By Ken Fuson | Ken Fuson,SUN STAFF

New York. San Diego. --

Yankees. Padres.

What's an Orioles fan to do -- cheer for rain delays?

No, of course not. This is America. No true baseball fan can watch the World Series as it begins tonight without a rooting interest. We need an adopted team. So whom do you go with -- the Padres, gritty, shaved-headed champions of the National League, or the Yankees, gutty, big-headed champions of the American League? Let's analyze the match-ups:

Best place to see animals

San Diego: World-famous zoo

New York: Right-field bleachers

Advantage: Yankees.

Fan support

San Diego: Laid back

New York: Hairy back

Advantage: Padres.

Ball-park food

San Diego: Sushi

New York: Spit-steamed hot dog

Advantage: Tie

Eye-catching water views

San Diego: Surfers in Pacific Ocean

New York: Bodies in East River

Advantage: Padres

Major exports

San Diego: Marines

New York: Muggers

Advantage: Padres

Ball-park diversions Part I

San Diego: The wave

New York: The whack

Advantage: Yankees


New York: Woody Allen

San Diego: The Famous Chicken

Advantage: Padres

Former players

New York: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio.

San Diego: Nate Colbert, Carmelo Martinez, Champ Summers, Kurt Bevacqua, Tito Fuentes.

Advantage: Yankees.


San Diego: Fish tacos

New York: Poppy seed bagels

Advantage: Tie

National anthem singer (past or present)

San Diego: Roseanne

New York: Robert Merrill

Advantage: Yankees

Roly-poly tourist attraction

San Diego: Shamu, the killer whale

New York: David Wells, the former O

Advantage: Padres

Ballpark diversions Part II

San Diego: Flying Frisbees

New York: Flying flashlight batteries

Advantage: Padres

Irascible owner (past or present):

San Diego: McDonald's owner Ray Kroc

New York: "Seinfeld" target George Steinbrenner

Advantage: Tie

Ballpark names

New York: Yankee Stadium

San Diego: Qualcomm Stadium

Advantage: Yankees

Fan chatter

San Diego: "Surf's up! Let's boogie."

New York: "I've got your &!!ing Qualcomm right here, pal!"

Advantage: Yankees

And the tie-breaker --

Orioles 1998 record against each team:

New York: 3-9

San Diego: 0-0

Go, Padres!

Pub Date: 10/17/98

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