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October 17, 1998|By Frederick N. Rasmussen BTC

150 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 17: A Beautiful Car -- We noticed yesterday at the car manufactory of the Philadelphia Railroad, at the President Street depot, a most elegantly furnished eight-wheel gentlemen's passenger car, which has just been built there by Mr. Henry Shultz. For strength of construction, or beauty of finish, this car will be hard to beat anywhere. It has not been placed on the road, but will be, we presume, in a short time.

100 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 20: Dr. William Lee Howard, of Baltimore, in an article in the New York Medical Journal on "Sensational Journalism and Hysteria," declares that "the basis of yellow journalism is as certainly an hysterical one, as were the manifestations of wonder- making, miracle-producing epidemics of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries."

50 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 19: A resolution requesting that the new airport at Friendship Church be called "Veterans Memorial Airport" was introduced in the City Council last night by Councilman John H. Reed.

Pub Date: 10/17/98

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