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October 15, 1998|By J.D. Considine | J.D. Considine,SUN POP MUSIC CRITIC

Many musicians believe that their live show should be an exact representation of what they've put on their album, but not Andreas Vollenweider.

On his new album, "Kryptos," the Swiss composer performs in a variety of settings, accompanied at various points by bandoleon (an Argentine accordion), shakuhachi (a Japanese flute) and full orchestra. But when he performs those pieces on the road, he'll be playing entirely as a solo artist, using his harp, guitar, piano, saxophone and an assortment of electronic gadgets.

It isn't that Vollenweider doesn't want to take other musicians on the road with him. Rather, he just doesn't see the point in duplicating what he's already done on album.

"It's not a matter of representing an album," he says, over the phone from a stop in New York. Instead, he'll take that material and build a unique and theatrical presentation from it.

Still, he says, "I think the important energy is the spirit that is on the album, the kind of mythical spirit of 'Kryptos.'"

As he explains, the idea behind "Kryptos" has to do with the notion that there are stories encoded in every experience. "The whole idea is actually to follow a tradition that is very old, and that is the tradition of the music being a vehicle for the listener's imagination," he says. "In the widest sense."

He likens the experience to seeing a door in a painting. "There is a door, and the door is painted so detailed and so perfect that you actually think you can take that handle in you hand and open the door and enter the image," he says. "The music I have been playing all of my life, even for myself, has beenbeena door to enter the image. And even myself, I personally needed that door, to have a space where I can explore, experiment, and find my emotion and my ideas."

Andreas Vollenweider

When: Tonight at 8.

Where: Gordon Center, 3506 Gwynnbrook Ave.

Tickets: $28

Call: 410-481-7328 for tickets, 410-356-7469 for informationSundial: To hear excerpts from Andreas Vollenweider's new release, "Kryptos," call Sundial at 410-783-1800 and enter the code 6117. For other local Sundial numbers, see the directory on Page 2B.

Pub Date: 10/15/98

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