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October 12, 1998|By Janis Campbell

Sure, skating star and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski is rich and famous. But what might surprise some people is that she's so much like many of you - only with more frequent flyer miles and a passport instead of a school ID. We recently yakked with Tara. We called her on her cell phone while she was driving around Houston with her mom and dad, trying to decide where to stop for dinner.

Here's the 411 on Tara:

* Sweet 16: Tara turned 16 on June 10. She celebrated at Disney World with a couple of her girlfriends. "I've probably been to Disney World maybe 15 times," she says. It's her favorite spot to relax and have fun.

* Going pro: Turning professional doesn't mean Tara doesn't have to practice. She's usually on the ice every day. Tara has signed on with the Stars on Ice tour for fall. She also makes appearances for DKNY Kids clothing and Snapple. She says the one big difference in her life since turing pro is that she spends a lot more time with her mom and dad - together!

* Back to school: If Tara went to a regular school she'd be starting her junior year. She started working with a tutor in fifth grade and has three teachers now, including one teacher who travels with her. Tara says she plans to go to college, but doesn't know where or what she'll study yet.

* Star style: Tara says she loves to shop. She also likes to hang out with her friends and do normal stuff like go to the movies. What's on her fall shopping list? "I like trendy stuff, whatever is in," she says. "I wear jeans, T-shirts and sweater sets. I like platform shoes."

Fun facts

* Favorite movie: "Gone with the Wind." Did you know Tara is named after the famous plantation in the movie, which is her mom's favorite movie, too?

* Favorite food: pasta

* Favorite TV show: "Party of Five"

* Favorite colors: blue and purple

Sources: DKNY Kids and "Triumph on Ice."

Pub Date: 10/12/98

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