Confusing want adAS my editor's wife was flipping through...

Scene and heard in Anne Arundel County

October 11, 1998|By Kris Antonelli Courtroom humor

Confusing want ad

AS my editor's wife was flipping through a recent issue o "Contractors Weekly," she spotted an ad for "officiating" services wanted at Anne Arundel County schools.

And, as any reporter knows, news is anything your editor or any member of his immediate family wonders about or happens upon on their way to work.

Check it out, I am told. It could be a quirky little story.


Turns out to be a call for wrestling and basketball referees.

NOT every thought uttered during Maryland Court of Appeals arguments is serious and deep, even if the subject matter is.

A lighter moment arose during Monday's hearing of Anne Arundel County's challenge to the city of Annapolis' annexation of a 103.6-acre tract. Jonathan A. Hodgson, attorney for the Chrisland Corp. -- which sought the annexation -- told the seven judges that from the I-97 exit of Route 50 to Bay Ridge, a motorist crosses the city-county line six times, and probably doesn't even know it.

"You don't need a visa?" said a smiling Judge Alan M. Wilner.

L "You don't need a visa," replied Hodgson. "Or a MasterCard."

Andrea F. Siegel

Out and about

WHEN Ramona Jimeno, wife of District 31 Sen. Philip C. Jimeno, stopped by our Pasadena office to drop off a picture of her husband, I remarked that I'd met her husband many times but not her.

"Well," she quipped, "Phil only lets me out now and then."

Cheryl Tan

Roy remembered

THE otherwise unadorned corridor walls of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court House in Annapolis have gotten their first major decoration.

It's a plaque in remembrance of the courthouse's first deputy dog. Roy, hired by the sheriff's office in November 1995 with his handler Fred Charles Jr., died July 27. Courthouse workers, used to seeing Charles and feeding Roy, were saddened.

"We thought it would be a nice idea," said Sheriff George Johnson IV.

Most of the courthouse's hallway walls are empty because, with construction continuing and some of the walls likely to be removed, it seemed like a better idea to keep art, plaques and historical memorabilia in storage a bit longer.

The photo of Roy's furry face looks out on the second floor of the courthouse.

Andrea F. Siegel

Pub Date: 10/11/98

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