Schrader impugned union membersI would like to comment on...


October 11, 1998

Schrader impugned union members

I would like to comment on the Sep. 23 article by Sun staff writer Gady Epstein, "Dennis Schrader fires first volley."

I am a voting taxpayer and have been a resident of Howard County for 22 years. I was also a member of Sprinklerfitters Union 536 of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters of the United States and Canada until my retirement in 1996. As a union person, I am offended by Mr. Schrader's remark about his opponent, James N. Robey, as being too cozy with unions.

Unions are composed of hard-working, taxpaying people who are concerned about their children and grandchildren having a good educational opportunity, a safe environment in which to live and grow into adulthood, and an opportunity for employment at a fair wage.

Is it too much to ask that our county pay a fair wage to teachers, firemen and policemen who devote their careers to helping us? I think not.

It has been abundantly clear during Mr. Schrader's tenure on the County Council where his heart lies -- less with the well-being of the citizens and more with his own political ambition.

Roger W. Hawkesworth Jr.


Voters speak up on development

I had to laugh at the Sept. 20 article about developers' fearregarding election results in Howard County ("Voting result stirs developers' fears"). They have good reason to be nervous.

With Dennis R. Schrader's decisive win of the Republican nomination for Howard County executive, people are expressing their concerns loud and clear about crowded roads and schools, and the loss of beautiful countryside to developer's greed.

No longer will the old attitude of the previous administration be tolerated: "Build now, worry about schools and roads later."

Lisa A. Colangelo

West Friendship

Tree 'tunnel' should be saved

I was shocked to learn last month that the unique and wonderful tree "tunnel" along Governor Warfield Parkway in Columbia was slated to fall to the ravenous builders' shovels.

This section of road is considered by many, including myself, to be the "loveliest" and "most pleasant" short drive in Columbia.

While the extensive development under way around the Columbia Town Center will bring lots of benefits to Columbia residents and regional shoppers, the removal of the trees along the mall side of the parkway is just too much of a good thing. It is unnecessary and reckless development.

The 40-foot-wide path of trees which both the Columbia Town Center and Wilde Lake Village Boards are asking to be preserved seems like the minimum for a reasonable compromise between development and local ecology and life quality.

As a member of the board of the Harpers Choice Village and of the Villas at Hobbit's Glen Townhouse Association, I have a sense of the interests of a broad section of the community. Please reflect the best interests of the Columbia community by mitigating a careless or callous development plan with a key bit of common sense.

George Stuehler


Report about poet missed key point

The Sept. 29 edition of The Sun contained a report of the appearance of Amiri Baraka before an audience of 300 students at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia the night before ("Outspoken poet warns students in Howard not to 'punk out' "). The Sun staffer who wrote this review, while listing Mr. Baraka's "accomplishments," failed to mention that under both his current name as well as LeRoi Jones, he could have given lessons to Louis Farrakhan and his fellow anti-Semites in hatred of Jews and Judaism.

David Allen


Harper's Choices has good points, too

This letter is in response to the editorial that appeared in The Sun in Howard on Sept. 25 ("Don't dismiss crime fears").

Contrary to several statements and the tone of the editorial, many positive activities are taking place in Harper's Choice and other parts of Columbia to address crime and the perception of it.

The Village Center of Harper's Choice has recently been renovated to attract shoppers.

The design, an open plan, serves to deter crime. The Columbia Association Sports Park, with miniature golf and batting cages, is a welcome addition to bring families and teen-agers to Harper's Choice to engage in productive activities. In addition, the CA will soon be opening a skateboard park in this complex.

In May, the Howard County Police Department organized a community policing symposium for residents of Harper's Choice.

Subsequent meetings have resulted in the establishment of a task force of more than 30 residents. The overall mission is to "enhance the quality of life through collaborative community efforts."

A year ago, the Harper's Choice Village Board created a revitalization committee to address the physical appearance of the residential areas.

This committee has worked with the county government to increase street cleaning and enforcement of the county code as it relates to sidewalk repair.

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