U.S. Army Ordnance Museum

Behind the Scenes

October 11, 1998|By Karin Remesch

Mission: To collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the world's most complete military weapons collection at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The more than 300 pieces in the outdoor exhibit and numerous indoor displays not only are historically significant, but are also used for research. In addition to providing instruction to Army personnel, the collection is used to educate the public on the evolution of technology of war. Anzio Annie, the only German railroad gun known to survive World War II, is a major part of the collection.

Latest accomplishment: Throughout the past year, all weapons displayed outside have been repainted in historically correct colors and outfitted with historical markers.

On the horizon: "Explosive Ordnance Disposal," an exhibit of tools and techniques needed to defuse bombs and artillery during World War II, is to open later this month. Also opening this month is "What Can the Ordnance Corps Do For You?", an exhibit on how the corps affects modern life.

About the museum: Attendance: 150,000 annually. Operating budget: $80,000.

Where and when: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Route 22, Aberdeen. Hours: 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. daily. Call 410-278-3602.

Richard N. Carnegie, chairman of the board, Ordnance Museum Foundation: "The foundation - with about 250 members worldwide - was created in 1991 to raise funds for a building expansion that would house all outdoor artifacts to keep them from rusting and deteriorating. They are significant artifacts - some, the only remaining examples of their kind - that need to be protected indoors for future generations; $5 to $8 million are needed for a building addition, but we are not even close to our goal."

Members of the board

Robin Axtell

Helen Bentley

Broadnax Cameron

Ronnie Chenowith

David C. Clark

Lindal Cossey

David Craig

Charles Cresswell

Elliot Deutsch

Jaap deGroot

Peter Gentry

Jim Harkins

William Heckman

Bob Infussi

Frank Jardim

Ron Lehman

Ned Libby

Mike Moss

Joanne Parrott

Ted Reno

Bill Rutherford

Cookie Sewell

Brigid Smith

Marie and Charles Steen

Cathy Stephens

Fred Sypher

Bart Vanderveen

Ken Ziegler

Pub Date: 10/11/98

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