Teenspeak 101: a kickin' guide For the record

October 11, 1998|By Susan Reimer

Long before Gidget and Moondoggie were "makin' the scene" and leaving the "hodads" behind, teen-agers were speaking their own secret language, using alien words and phrases to shut out adults.

It's no different today, as puzzled parents eavesdrop from the car-pool driver's seat or linger a moment on the extension in fruitless attempts to decode the dialect of this secretive society.

Now, iVillage.com: The Women's Network, an Internet site, has published Teenspeak 101, an abbreviated Berlitz guide to what kids are saying to one another - and to adults on those rare occasions when they actually speak to them.

A note of warning: If you try to be " 'bout it" (cool) and toss these words and phrases into casual conversation with teens, act quickly. What's "sweet" (see below) can change as quickly as kids change their minds. (You'll find the following at www.parentsoup.com/library/teens/teensspeak.html.)

n.e.wayz: whatever

All that: perfect

All that and a bag of chips: more than perfect

Benjamins: money

'Bout it: cool or in

Buff: having a well-toned body

Butters (Butta): the greatest or lots of fun

Chillin': relaxing or hanging out together

Da bomb!: awesome!

Dogg: friend

Don't even go there!: I don't want to talk about it

Dope: cool

Going with: dating, going steady

Hell-o-o-o (almost singing the "o's"): get real, you can't be serious

Hottie: cute guy or girl

I'm down w' that: I'm cool with it. It's fine

I'm out: I'm not cool with that. It's not fine with me

Kickin': cool or relaxed

Late: see you in a while

N-E-wayz: whatever

Phat: cool and awesome

Playa: someone with too many girlfriends

Playa hate: to be jealous

Skank: nasty, gross person

Sweet: cool or awesome

Talk to the hand, because the face ain't listening (accompanied by a hand held up as if to say, "Stop!"): I'm not listening to you.

Tight: Sweet! Da bomb! Awesome!

Wicked: scary and fun

Word: I agree (or Word?: Excuse me?)

Pub Date: 10/11/98

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