" 'Ten Apples on Top' by TheodoreLe Sieg is my favorite...

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October 11, 1998

" 'Ten Apples on Top' by Theodore

Le Sieg is my favorite book because it's funny. There is a lion, a cheetah and a dog putting apples on top of their heads. They're running away so their apples won't fall. This books ends with everybody bumping into a big cart of apples."

- Dustin Scott

Leith Walk Elementary

"The title of my book is 'Angel's Mother's Wedding' by Judy Delton. Angel O'Leary and her family lived in a neighborhood right outside of a small town in Wisconsin. My book is about a wedding, a parade, a rabbit at a bridal shower and a person dressed in a Christmas tree costume. Rudy, who is going to marry Angel's mother, works on a TV show as a clown. My book was good and funny. I would recommend it to people who like weddings, parade floats, rabbits and the summertime. Also, to kids who like to paint their parents' car red and blue without their permission."

- Ricky Golliday

St. Paul's School

" 'The Library' by Sarah Stewart is a good book. Elizabeth Brown was a girl who loved books so much she filled her house with them. When she grew up, she had so many books she turned her house into a free library for her town. The pictures in this book are great. This book is fun to read because it is written in rhyme."

- Caitlin Kratz

Timber Grove Elementary

Pub Date: 10/11/98

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