Making a game of matching Activity

October 11, 1998

Turn sight words - and their consonant blends - into a matching game. Here's how to do it using eight words from "Danny: The Champion of the World."


1. Take a piece of unlined 8-by-11-inch paper, and draw lines dividing it in half. Then draw lines dividing each half into fourths to make 8 grids.

2. On each grid, write these consonant blends in any order:

bl, br, cl, dr, fr, sl, st, tr.

3. On index cards, write these eight sight words from "Danny: The Champion of the World": black, breathes, cloak, dream, friendly, story, sleeping, tree.

With your child

1. Review the blends by saying them aloud.

2. See if she can name a word that begins with that sound; for example, cl-clock.

3. Place the sight-word cards in rows next to the grid board. Place a pile of empty index cards next to the board, as well.

To play

1. Have your child toss a penny onto the grid board and say the sound for the blend on which the penny lands. Then see if he can match the blend to the sight word in the rows of cards; for example, tr-tree.

2. If your child cannot name the word, help out. Ask her to name another word that begins with that blend, and write it on a blank index cards.

3. Play again. If the same combination turns up, ask your child to try to think of a new word that begins with that sound.

4. Continue the play until all the sight words from the story have been used.

5. Make a card file of the new consonant-blend words.

Pub Date: 10/11/98

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