150 years ago in The Sun Oct. 11: Forks Found -- A number...

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October 10, 1998|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun Oct. 11: Forks Found -- A number of German silver forks were found yesterday, in Necessity Alley, where it is supposed they had been thrown by some one who had stolen them, under the impression that they were silver, but on finding their mistake had thus disposed of them.

100 years ago in The Sun Oct. 10: The recent employment of trolley cars of the Consolidated Railway for funeral purposes has attracted much attention, and railway managers look to further employment of cars in the same service.

50 years ago in The Sun Oct. 10: With Governor Lane serving as "chief sidewalk superintendent," modern artisans are working intricate designs in plaster to restore the dome of the historic State House in Annapolis. Experts in fresco work are completing the task after painstaking research in an effort to duplicate the original, installed between 1790 and 1793.

Pub Date: 10/10/98

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