Repairs cause natural gas to seep back into building

October 08, 1998

A natural gas release caused by workers repairing a rooftop heating unit briefly interrupted business yesterday at Winchester Exchange in Westminster.

Richard Dannenfelser, construction supervisor for David Max Realty, the building's owner, said the gas was released as gas lines were being cleared of air after repairs had been made to the heating unit. The odor of natural gas filtered back through the heating unit and into the building, he said.

Dannenfelser, who was in the building about 9: 10 a.m., smelled the gas and shut off the main supply line to the building before firefighters from Westminster and Reese arrived to clear the air with fans within about 15 minutes.

Fire officials recommended that office workers and customers at shops leave the building until the odor dissipated.


Westminster: Firefighters responded at 10: 25 a.m. Tuesday to assist a person locked in a vehicle at Englar Road and Route 140. Units were out two minutes.

Pub Date: 10/08/98

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