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October 07, 1998

Meet Warrick Dunn

Tampa Bay Buccaneer running back Warrick Dunn is only 5' 8" tall, but so what! "If you're faster than everyone on the field, you can overcome size with speed," he says.

Warrick was unstoppable last season. He rushed for 978 yards and earned Rookie of the Year honors.

Warrick is also unstoppable when it comes to helping others. He talks to students about the importance of education and has helped buy homes for low-income single moms.

Warrick is a small guy with a very big heart.

Wacky Road Trips

A New York Mets farm team pulled off a real "squeeze play" in 1971. The Tidewater Tides were on their way to a game in Tampa, Fla. Their bus broke down with five miles to go. The Tides called a taxi service, but only four cabs were available! No nTC problem. Forty players, coaches and team officials-and all the team's equipment-squeezed into the four cabs, and off they went!

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Pub Date: 10/07/98

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