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October 06, 1998

Be a 4Kids Detective

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to http:// www.4Kids.org/ detectives/

1. At WebMath, what is 75!F converted into Kelvin?

3. Who did amazing young Mozart share his act with when he played for royalty?

Do the Math

Keep your math homework handy and get ready to crunch some serious numbers! At WebMath, you'll find instant solutions to those nasty math problems you're having trouble solving. Bring your calculator and a geometry set out to http://www.webmath.com/ and get ready to dive into fractions, polynomials and integers. Interested in graphing a circle? How about solving a quadratic equation? WebMath covers most of the problems that give you a headache in the classroom. But math is for the real world, too. The Web site teaches you how to calculate a tip at a restaurant, figure out the price of a sale item and convert a temperature between scales. The site even has Java animations to help you better understand your math dilemma. WebMath brings the basics of math down to a denominator we all can understand!

Be A Hero

Kids are changing the world around them. At Amazing Kids, you'll meet some special young people who have shown courage and determination when faced with a challenge. Head to http://www.amazing-kids.com/ where you'll meet the heroes of yesteryear and today. Hang out with Wolfgang Mozart, who thrilled the royal families of Europe with his concertos at the age of 6. You'll also meet today's legends, like Benjamin Quinto, who is currently developing a proposal for a Youth Assembly with the United Nations, and Jason Gaes, who beat cancer at the age of 6 and now travels the country to support children who are in the same boat. Amazing Kids wants to hear your noble story, too. Submit an essay describing the heroics of yourself, your friend or even your whole class, and maybe you could win the grand prize!

Pub Date: 10/06/98

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