Military academies in U.S. should not train foreign...

Letters to the Editor

October 05, 1998

Military academies in U.S. should not train foreign students

I learned more than I needed to know from Neal Thompson's article ("Foreign military students must pay," Sept. 25).

Consider: All three U.S. military academies have foreign students (from places such as Bahrain, Cameroon, Turkey and Croatia). This was sure news to me.

And: "Foreign nations are supposed to pay for their students to attend U.S. service academies, but the State and Defense departments almost always granted waivers, and U.S. taxpayers picked up the bill."

And: "Last year, 38 of the 39 foreign students at the Naval Academy received [tuition] waivers."

Why are we training foreign military officers? How many of those taxpayer-funded graduates end up fighting against us? Our own Sen. Barbara Mikulski is trying to restore funding so that students from Barbados and Slovenia can enjoy American education at taxpayer's expense. Someone should call Ms. Mikulski and see if she can work the same deal for their children.

Better yet, let's scrap the expensive military academies and take our officers from the top ranks of America's excellent colleges and universities. We'd all be better off.

Kirk S. Nevin

White Hall

Steinberg, others must pick best candidate, not party

In the Oct. 1 letters to the editor, Robert Levine takes a shot at former Lt. Governor Melvin A. "Mickey" Steinberg for his endorsement of Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey. Mr. Levine says that as a loyal Democrat, he is chagrined by the former lieutenant governor's action and calls it sour grapes.

I have been a loyal Democrat since 1964, when I registered to vote at age 21. However, I have not voted the party line blindly believing that it was best for me and Maryland. If the Democratic candidate is not to my liking because of his or her policies, it is my prerogative and my duty to vote for the person I believe will best represent me.

It is the responsibility of the people to vote for the candidates who will best serve them and Maryland. We should not be sheep in the flock following the party line.

Mr. Steinberg is doing what he feels is necessary to improve our state government. I can understand his position and respect him for it. What I cannot respect are other Jewish Democrats who denounce him for defecting from the party line. Voting my conscience in November, I will cast my cote for Ms. Sauerbrey.

Barry R. Cohen

Owings Mill

World stands by silently during massacre in Kosovo

Your article "Slaughter of Albanian clan is grim evidence in Kosovo" (Sept. 30) saddened and shocked me. What is happening in Serbia is so inhuman. Where is the world outcry of protest? Pregnant women, babies, 10-year-old children and the elderly are being shot in the back of the head and mutilated. Some questions need to be asked.

What does shooting frail, elderly, helpless people in the back of the head and slitting the throat of a child have to do with the fight against independence? Is this carnage intended to send a message of terror?

It is more than terror. It is evil hatred and callous inhumanity of man toward his fellow man.

When we Americans can go on with our lives as we get excited with sports and indulge in other amusements or distractions such as "zippergate" without feeling the pain and injustice of these defenseless victims of terror, be it in Yugoslavia, Sudan or the Middle East, something is seriously wrong with our culture and our soul as a nation.

Barbara Ann Bloom

Owings Mills

William Donald Schaefer can laugh at his critics

The article ("13 million visited Baltimore in '97," Sept. 25) brought back a memory of a fight an old friend faced to help the Inner Harbor plan become reality. That person is William Donald Schaefer, who with his foresight and ability to make things happen, pushed forward one city program after another in the downtown area, including the Maryland Science Center and one of the world's greatest aquariums.

Perhaps some readers will recall hearing early on the slogan "Schaefer's folly." I wonder what those who criticized this one-of-a-kind-man think when they read that glowing story of Maryland's No. 1 tourist attraction. The old adage, "He who laughs last, laughs best" really is fitting for the current state comptroller candidate, Mr. Schaefer, who just keeps going forward.

Donald C. Royston


State police need 'smart' handguns, too

If Gov. Parris N. Glendening is serious about "smart" guns, and this proposal is not just a campaign ploy, he should immediately equip Maryland State Police, Department of Natural Resources Police and all other state agencies that carry handguns with "smart" guns ("Glendening to support 'smart' guns," Sept. 29).

Let's put the lives of our law enforcement personnel and their children first.

Frederick G.

Scott Waldorf

Someone needs to understand that only "thug control" is a sure-fire way to reduce gun misuse and disrespect for law.

Ronald L. Dowling


Audible traffic signals good for blind, others

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