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October 05, 1998

Have you been watching the Nickel-O-Zone this fall? You're not alone. This year, Nick has figured out that a lot of kids have bedtimes closer to 9 p.m. So now there's an hour of kids' shows from 8 to 9 p.m. everyday. Part of the new programming's appeal is a goofy animated host called "O." The Yak, with help from writer Kevin Weist, interviewed O.

How did you get the name "O"?

My parents gave it to me, of course. My mom says it was a toss-up between "O" and "Sigourney," but they went with O because it was easier to spell.

Do you know many other characters with your shape and sound?

People say I remind them of that guy "Zero," but I can't see it. I mean, I have so much personality, and he's such a nothing.

What are some of the big interviews you'll have?

Let's see now. Shaquille O'Neal is coming up. And Cousin Skeeter. Danny Tamborelli will be co-hosting soon. So will my pals Hanson.

Any final words to kids who want to get their work or themselve on the Nickel-O-Zone?

My address is Nickel-O-Zone, P.O. Box 1145, New York, NY 10109. You can also send your pictures - or well, send whatever you want. You could also log onto and go to my special area. I'm always happy to get another mail stack, Yak!#

Pub Date: 10/05/98

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