Report on review of techonology sale by Clinton is...

Letters to the Editor

October 03, 1998

Report on review of techonology sale by Clinton is false

Your article "Inquiry adds no Clinton charges" (Sept. 26) is false and inaccurate in several respects.

First, given the nature of the House Select Committee on National Security's nondisclosure rules, Rep. Norman D. Dicks, the ranking Democrat, is unlikely to have told The Sun anything about the substance of testimony by witnesses in "secret sessions" concerning Clinton administration wrongdoing.

Moreover, Defense Department officials have publicly testified before other committees that they were pressured by superiors and political appointees to make decisions harmful to national security.

Second, "the consensus of all nine members of the committee" most definitely does not mirror "what many Democrats have been saying for months: The satellite technology issue relates to policy decisions that date to Reagan administration, not to criminal wrongdoing." The Reagan administration never granted a satellite waiver. The Clinton waivers are the subject of ongoing criminal probes into national security violations by the firms involved, including President Clinton's $1 million donor, Loral Chairman Bernard Schwartz.

Third, I told The Sun reporter nothing about the ongoing work of our committee. The inferences drawn in your article are directly at odds with the formal statement issued by our committee, to which I referred him: "The Select Committee has reached no conclusions about what the evidence will or will not show."

Rep. Christopher Cox


The writer is a California Republican who is chairman of the House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military-Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China.

Civil rights movement still needed on streets

Regarding George F. Will's Opinion Commentary "Throw civil rights movement in to history's dustbin" (Sept. 27): Mr. Will declares that the civil rights movement has come to an end because of what he calls the "racial spoils system" of preferences. He objects to the president's panel on race relations.

I'm sorry to observe that without preferences, the pendulum of the "spoils" reverts to the good ole boy network though takebacks.

While throwing the "civil rights movement into history's dustbin" may appeal to an ivory tower talking head, here on the streets of Baltimore and its environs, another reality exists. Racist epithets invade my life daily with reminders that racism is very much alive.

While living in a colorblind society should be our goal, our advocacy should be directed to the welfare of the underrepresented.

It is in all our best interests to focus on a problem that has haunted us through the years.

Kirk Fairfield


Story mischaracterized St. John's, ex-student

Dan Thanh Dang's story "A sin at St. John's" (Sept. 29), is like all newspaper accounts of events at St. John's College: patronizing.

Like other reporters who have tried to describe the aspects of life at our school, Ms. Dang shows a mystifyingly low level of understanding of the mentality and way of life that makes St. John's what it is.

What's more important, however, is that Ms. Dang carelessly characterized a good person, my friend, as a criminal whose actions tore apart the fabric of St. John's. It's absurd. Lynette Dowty's plagiarism has done nothing to hurt St. John's or tarnish the degree of its alumni; she hurt only herself. Our education belongs only to ourselves, and we know the meaninglessness of measuring our accomplishments against one another.

Lynette is a bright, wonderful woman who made a stupid, stupid mistake. She will suffer for this for the rest of her life, mostly because she loves St. John's, loves what it taught her and knows that her plagiarism will always overshadow her accomplishments.

Your public humiliation accomplished no good.

Jesse Berney

San Francisco

L The writer is a member of St. John's College, Class of 1997.

Complacency, sex focus prolong Bosnia suffering

The United States and the world should be ashamed to once again be sitting idly by while the Serbs rape, brutalize and massacre those in Kosovo.

The great Republican Party is too interested in its infantile pursuits of President Clinton's sexual escapades to be concerned. Democrats too concerned with the elections to act decisively.

News agencies are too interested in the higher ratings that come from sex to allot much time to such tragedies as Bosnia, where innocent people are being forced from their homes and killed because of their ethnic background and religion.

The worthless North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance and the impotent United Nations leadership should all hang their heads in shame for their lack of resolve.

The evil government of Yugoslavia is no better than the governments that support terrorism, but no cruise missiles are launched to send them a message.

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