Terrapins need to do more than show up for Fla. State

October 02, 1998|By John Eisenberg

Opinion: If Ron Vanderlinden is going to convince anyone that the rebuilding of Maryland's football program is going well at all, his Terps need to play a competitive game against Florida State tomorrow at Byrd Stadium. They don't have to win, but they have to do something other than lose by 40 or 60 or whatever.

Fact: The Orioles finished further out of first place this year than they did in 1988, when they went 0-21 to start the season and finished with 107 losses.

Opinion: Kevin Malone is going to hire Felipe Alou or Jim Leyland to manage the Dodgers. He could have hired Felipe Alou or Jim Leyland to manage the Orioles if not for, well, you know the gory details.

Fact: Buffalo Bills guard Ruben Brown to the media: "We know who you [guys] are, treating us like garbage. You stink, personally." And your point?

Opinion: Two young players arrested on drunk driving charges in less than three weeks is an unsettling trend for the Ravens. Didn't they say they were drafting character?

Fact: French tennis star Cedric Pioline earned $100,000 for losing, 6-0, 6-0, in the first round of this week's Grand Slam Cup.

Opinion: Baseball's renewed popularity four years after the World Series-killing strike will help convince NBA owners they can survive a debilitating work stoppage of their own, coming soon.

Fact: Albert Belle would break Cal Ripken's consecutive games streak in 2013, at age 47, if he plays in every game until then.

Opinion: The Orioles, who need a more dependable closer than Armando Benitez, should consider Gregg Olson, the former Oriole who revived his career with 30 saves and only four blown chances for the Diamondbacks this season.

Fact: Baseball's biggest road draw this season? Sammy Sosa's Cubs by a nose over Mark McGwire's Cardinals.

Opinion: American League awards: Juan Gonzalez, MVP; Roger Clemens, Cy Young; Joe Torre, Manager of the Year; Ben Grieve, Rookie of the Year.

Fact: For the record, so we're all on the same page, the Orioles had the highest payroll in the major leagues and the 16th-best record. (The Astros, with the 16th-highest payroll, had the third-best record.)

Opinion: National League awards: Sosa, MVP; Trevor Hoffman, Cy Young; Larry Dierker, Manager of the Year; Kerry Wood, Rookie of the Year.

Fact: After Prairie View's football team broke an 80-game losing streak last weekend, students tore down both goal posts and put them on the school president's front lawn.

Opinion: Top-ranked Ohio State doesn't want any part of a national championship game against second-ranked Nebraska, which has won 11 straight games against Top 10 opponents.

Fact: More than a few longtime college football observers think Doak Walker, who died Sunday, was the greatest college player ever.

Opinion: Ray Rhodes won't last until next season as the Eagles' head coach. The Ravens will look hard at him if they're in the market for a new coach.

Fact: And you thought the Orioles had the worst slumps of '98? Scott Maynard, a catcher for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers of the Midwest League, had an 0-for-51 streak.

Opinion: Horses running against Skip Away for the rest of '98 will succeed only at having their stud values diminished.

Fact: Priest Holmes' 173-yard rushing game against the Bengals was his best since his senior year in high school. His college high was 161.

Opinion: Teams are going to stop punting to Jermaine Lewis, who has already returned two punts for touchdowns this season. In fact, any team that kicks to him from now on is just plain dumb.

Fact: If NFL games ended at halftime, the Bears would be 4-0. Alas, the second half also counts and the Bears are 0-4.

Opinion: Life can't get any better for Redskins haters. Team Cooke is 0-4 and up for sale, the average ticket price of $74.28 is a standing joke, and ownership seems committed to a coach who has never taken the team to the playoffs. Glasses up!

Fact: Completely lost in all the home run fuss was a colossal season by Montreal's Vladimir Guererro: .324 average, 38 homers, 109 RBIs, 202 hits. All before age 23. Wow.

Opinion: Sure, DeRon Jenkins had a tough game against the Bengals' Carl Pickens. But a lot of cornerbacks have tough games against Pickens, a two-time Pro Bowl player. Duane Starks' time is coming, but Jenkins deserves a longer shot in the lineup.

Fact: World Series prediction made in this space in March: Braves over Yankees.

Pub Date: 10/02/98

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