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September 30, 1998

Meet Venus Williams

In just four years as a pro, tennis player Venus Williams has climbed to Number 6 in the world. She can run all over the court and hit every shot with great power. Plus, she has the fastest serve in women's tennis. "Venus is so strong and fast," says top women's player Martina Hingis. "I have to play my best tennis against her."

Venus has cool, colorfully beaded hair and she likes to laugh. She wants to be an architect someday. She'll probably be a smashing success!

"How did Charles Barkley of the Houston Rockets get the nickname Sir Charles?"

Arron N., 13, Houston,Texas

No one is sure who thought of the nickname Sir Charles. But the name became popular shortly after writer Ira Berkow used it in a 1987 article in The New York Times. The story's headline was Sir Charles Rumbles.

"I had heard a few people call him Sir Charles," says Ira. "He seemed like he should be knighted because he was such a good basketball player."

Pub Date: 9/30/98

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