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September 29, 1998

Be a 4Kids Detective

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Which tax do resellers pay at the Free Market?

Which year was the photographer Yannis Psilakis born?

Endangered Peoples

Animals aren't the only kind of endangered species, you know. People and places can become extinct, too, when industries expand and small communities are forgotten. Here's a chance to use the Web to reach remote corners of the Earth and experience cultures you've never even imagined. "Moments of Extinction" is your passport at http://www.psilakis.gr/ Meet the Hunzakut people of Northern Pakistan or the Bolivian Aymara Indians. Soar over the fields of Ethiopia and peek into Amazon jungles. You'll see how Yannis Psilakis' amazing photographs have helped to preserve these unique cultures before they disappear.

The farmers' markets of China are fascinating places to visit, full of roving vendors, animated customers and all kinds of products and produce to choose from. The China's Free Markets Web site takes you from the farmer's fields to these aisles of hustle and bustle in the city. Get ready to trade and barter at http://www.saturdaymarket.com/ chinaveg/ With photos and stories, you'll discover how these free markets work, and why shopping and cooking are elaborate and time-consuming rituals in the Chinese culture. From garlic brokers to ointment gurus, you'll meet the many personalities selling their wares. Take a trip into a market basement, where you'll find live fish, swimming eels, crustaceans and mollusks from south China.

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