Bengals' I Far, 45 Lead, Fullback Read Opponent's playbook

September 27, 1998

The formation: Pro right, offset I.

The action: At the snap, receiver Darnay Scott (86), split wide right, runs off the cornerback and then seals him off. Right guard Ken Blackman, right tackle Willie Anderson and tight end Tony McGee (82) all step and seal, with Anderson blocking the back-side linebacker. Center Darrick Brilz reaches on the play-side tackle and left guard Rich Braham seals off the middle linebacker. Left tackle Kevin Sargent blocks on the defensive end. Fullback Brian Milne (44) leads through the five-hole and blocks the weak-side linebacker. Running back Corey Dillon (28) takes the handoff and reads the block of Milne before making his cut. If Milne blocks to the outside, Dillon cuts inside. If Milne blocks inside, Dillon goes to the outside.

Pub Date: 9/27/98

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