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September 27, 1998

"It's an unbelievable feat. Some day, somebody might hit 100 home runs, but nobody's ever going to play that many games in a row. And the fact is, that streak could still be going on."

+ Earl Weaver, former manager

"He called from home and said he was going to sit down. I said 'You're what?' I think what Cal's done is remarkable, and I'm just glad he was able to do it himself rather than someone else doing it just to do it."

' Vi Ripken, Cal's mother

"I think young kids today and even veteran players look at Cal and the streak and admire him I think it has helped baseball Young players are keeping themselves in better shape so they can play longer."

C7 Frank Robinson,consultant for Major League Baseball

"When I broke into the majors, I thought, 'How could anyone hit 714 home runs or play in 2,130 straight games? It's impossible.' But [Ripken] did it. He's just an amazing athlete."

=1 Brooks Robinson, former Orioles third baseman

"He [sat down] just at the right time, taking into consideration his own aspirations and at the same time considering what was good for the ballclub. That's typical of a thoughtful and classy ballplayer."

, Peter Angelos, Orioles owner

"It gives him a chance to now have a couple bad games and come back and get hot and not have anybody throw the streak in his face."

+ Ray Miller, Orioles manager

"This is one of those things that hopefully I'll be able to look back on and say it was the start of a good thing."

F: Ryan Minor, who started in place of Ripken last Sunday

"It's such an amazing feat because it was not only a physical accomplishment, but also a mental one in that he had to be prepared every one of those games."

-! Jim Palmer, Orioles announcer

"I kind of wanted to see it end on the last day he played. I don't think the streak ever diminished his accomplishments, but now maybe there can be more focus on his outstanding achievements."

Brady Anderson, Orioles center fielder

Pub Date: 9/27/98

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