Police chief's confessionsWHAT WAS it at the Venice on the...


September 27, 1998|By Laura Sullivan Lesson for another day

Police chief's confessions

WHAT WAS it at the Venice on the Bay Community Association meeting this week? First, Police Chief Larry W. Tolliver told residents at the group's monthly get-together that he didn't wear shoes until he was 16. And he revealed that before he was a police chief he was a professional body embalmer at a funeral home.

The association secretary twirled her pen over her head strip-tease style at one point and told the mostly seniors audience that if they could entice a local church group to rent the building every week for $100, "well, boy, we could party."

Then an elderly couple sitting in the front row offered to hold the treasurer's newborn baby while she read her report.

"Just don't get no ideas in your head, honey," the husband called out as his wife stood to pick up the baby.

"But, honey," she answered, "now that I got a baby I can go home."

THE OTHER day, I asked the students in Clarence Riggs' American government class at Glen Burnie High School if they had been discussing the Monica Lewinsky scandal and its effects on the presidency. They weren't.

"Well, not really," one student explained. "Mr. Riggs said he was too embarrassed to talk about it."

Kris Antonelli

Pub Date: 9/27/98

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