President must leave if we aim to continue our world 0...

Letters to the Editor

September 27, 1998

President must leave if we aim to continue our world 0) leadership

The resignation or impeachment of President Bill Clinton is essential in order for the United States to remain the major player in the world political theater.

With each passing day, the office of the president, while occupied by Mr. Clinton, grows weaker and weaker. How can the citizens and leaders of foreign countries look to us for guidance when our president looks us in the face and lies repeatedly and emphatically?

As democracy spreads throughout the world and threats against democracy grow increasingly vehement, the need for a strong, effective, respected and trusted world leader is more important than ever.

President Clinton's resignation or impeachment would no doubt be a sad day for the nation, but it would also be a proud day. Mr. Clinton's exit from the presidency would show the world that the American people cannot and will not tolerate a weak leader who cannot be trusted. The framers of the Constitution allowed for impeachment because they knew not every elected president could live up to the requirements of the office.

It makes me proud to live in a land where ineffective and untrustworthy leaders can be removed from office and replaced without massive restructuring, political upheaval or revolution. It says a great deal about the strength of the American people and the faith they have in their system of government.

Tyler Buck


Clinton must be punished for his false testimony

President Clinton's proclivity to cover his missteps in life with lies is dangerous to our country. He now has the unmitigated gall to tell the citizens of this country that lying under oath is not perjury.

Perjury is a criminal offense that is normally punished under the law. Regardless of the status of his presidency and the status of any possible impeachment hearings to determine if his presidency should be terminated, he should be punished for giving false testimony under oath.

William L. Engle Jr.

Ellicott City

Glendening turn on Clinton almost constitutes treason

In my 40 years of voting, I have always voted for my party. Not so this election. Gov. Parris N. Glendening lost lots of votes over the slot machine issue, but turning against President Clinton like he did almost constitutes treason.

M. Bee Crivello


Democrats will go down on controversial abortion

If the Democrats want to sink faster than the Titanic, they will make abortion the main issue in the gubernatorial race. Tremendous amounts of polling have been done on the partial-birth method of abortion, and all have revealed an overwhelming belief by the American people that this method of hedonism should be banned.

The original supporters have stated that they originally lied and the method is used more often than they testified.

If Gov. Parris N. Glendening is ready to sink his ship, he should paint himself clearly aligned with a woman's rights to have her baby aborted when the child is near full term.

Substantial evidence exists that this procedure is more dangerous to the mother than live birth. The goal is not to help the mother but to have a dead baby.

There is nothing about this procedure that is not barbaric.

It frightens me that our governor is quoted in your paper as saying, "It's an attack on the right of a woman and doctor to make this fundamental decision." Marylanders do not support this barbaric procedure.

Laura E. Albers


Steinberg backs Sauerbrey because integrity is issue

In his tirade about Melvin A. "Mickey" Steinberg's "betrayal" of Jewish Democrats by endorsing Ellen Sauerbrey for governor of Maryland, Michael Olesker cunningly avoided any mention of Mr. Steinberg's principal reason for doing so, Gov. Parris N. Glendening's lack of integrity ("Steinberg's move betrays Jewish Democrats in Md.," Sept. 22).

Mr. Glendening's record in this regard is awful. A budget surplus that he claimed to have left Prince George's County turned out to be a huge deficit.

Upon discovery by The Sun, he was forced to disavow sweetheart county pension benefits he had secured for himself and his cronies.

When he was caught on a corporate junket to New York to raise campaign money from a company seeking to do business with Maryland, he maintained he was not aware that the company was bidding on a state contract.

His handling of the appointment of Louis L. Goldstein's successor was characterized by disgraceful duplicity. And the list goes on.

Mr. Olesker's late grandmother surely knew what he appears to have forgotten. Jewish tradition and culture exalt integrity.

Barry C. Steel


Republican voter unsure of where Sauerbrey stands

Once again I will be forced to throw two names in a hat, and draw a winner.

Ho hum.

Four more years of Gov. Parris N. Glendening will surely make me crazy, but at least the Democrats turned their ticket into a winner.

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