Daisy Anderson, 97, whose husband was a slave who ran away...


September 25, 1998

Daisy Anderson, 97, whose husband was a slave who ran away and joined the Union Army, died Saturday in Denver, leaving just two known surviving Civil War widows, one a Union widow, one a Confederate. She was 21 when she married a 79-year-old veteran, Robert Ball Anderson. Her husband died in a car accident in 1930.

Henry J. Moore, 70, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist who helped select the landing site for the Mars Pathfinder, died of a heart attack Monday in Nephi, Utah, while en route to see relatives in Salt Lake City.

Kongulu Mobutu, 28, the son of the late Zairian dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, has died, the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco said yesterday. One of nine children, he had been admitted to the hospital under a false name. No other details were available.

Charlie Fox, 64, who wrote the duet "Mockingbird" that became a hit twice, once for himself in the 1960s and then again for James Taylor and Carly Simon in the 1970s, died Sept. 18 of leukemia in Mobile, Ala.

Samuel D. McPherson Jr., 79, a pioneer in eye microsurgery, died Monday in Durham, N.C. In the 1950s, he began work to adapt the microscope for use in eye surgery. He also developed miniature surgical instruments that became known as the McPherson Set.

Leo K. Bustad, 78, former dean of Washington State University ** who helped bring the school's veterinary medicine department to national prominence, died Saturday in Pullman, Wash., from complications of pneumonia.

Louis Peter Martini, 79, a pioneering figure in the California wine industry and chairman of Louis M. Martini Winery, died of cancer Monday in St. Helena, Calif.

Alida Donnell Milliken Camp, 89, who helped establish the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, died Saturday in Blue Hill, Maine. In 1946, soon after her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Mrs. Camp began meeting with others whose loved ones had the disease. They formed the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Her husband died in 1963.

Pub Date: 9/25/98


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