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September 23, 1998|By ARTHUR HIRSCH

J. Peterman, mail-order purveyor of clothing, romantic imagery and evocative prose, lately turned to the movies "Titanic" and "The Avengers" to inspire new catalog selections. Perhaps it's time they give Hollywood a rest and try Washington on for size.

The Navy Blue Dress

The Commander in Chief addresses the world on radio. You address him.

"Hey, Handsome," you say in the back hallway off the Oval Office. And then, "Mr. P."

Hold the cocktails. Frills and flourishes are fine for Washington ladies of leisure. But a working woman knows, well, what works. This dress works. Assertive, not controlling. Serious, not stuffy. Dedicated but not dowdy.

Who knows, he might even embrace your ideas about the Russian ruble.

The Navy Blue Dress (No. MSL5437). 100 percent cotton. Button down, belted dress. Button sleeve. Women's sizes: 4 through 14. Color: Navy. Price: $120, not including DNA test. Taiwan.

The Beret

The Washington air so crisp. The moment so fleeting. The reception line so long.

The choice is yours: Be another face in the crowd. Or be "That Woman." Hey, do we have to ask you twice?

This simple, bold statement in black virgin wool is a classic. Timeless as "Casablanca." Replay after video replay after replay.

A hug is just a hug? We don't think so.

The Beret (No. MSL8873). 100 percent virgin wool. Color: black. Price: $35. Scotland.

The Signal Tie

Where would Farragut have been in the Battle of Mobile Bay without semaphore flags? Some historic moments demand more than words.

Gold silk with a commanding navy pattern, this necktie speaks forcefully. The truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Wear it with a white shirt and a dark suit and watch what happens. People will say you'd look good in a motorcade. Or waving and boarding a helicopter in a dramatic farewell.

The Signal Tie (No. WJC8909). 100 percent silk. Color: gold and navy. Price: $110. Italy.

Pub Date: 9/23/98

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