Fall League rosters

September 22, 1998

Bowie Nationals

Manager: John Tamargo, Houston.

Staff: Pitching coach: Steve Luebber, Florida; coach: Butch Davis, Orioles; trainers: Russell Orr, N.Y. Yankees, and Mark Schoen, Pittsburgh.

Catchers: Yamid Haad, Pittsburgh; Jayson Werth, Orioles; Marc Suarez, Cincinnati.

Infielders: Nick Johnson and Rod Smith, N.Y. Yankees; Joey Hammond and Eddy Garabito, Orioles; Kevin Haverbusch, Pittsburgh; Brian Dallimore, Houston.

Outfielders: Jon Heinrichs, Florida; Chad Alexander, Houston; Julian "Tike" Redman, Pittsburgh; Darron Ingram and Brady Clark, Cincinnati.

Pitchers: Aaron Cames, Daniel Vardijan and Tim McClaskey, Florida; Tony McKnight and Jason Green, Houston; Joe Lisico and Denny Lail, N.Y. Yankees; Matthew Duff and Tony Runion, Pittsburgh; Derek Brown and John Parrish, Orioles; Robert Averette and Douglas Hurst, Cincinnati.

Delaware Stars

Manager: John Mizerock, Kansas City.

Staff: Pitching coach: Stuart Cliburn, Minnesota; coach: Greg Ritchie, Chicago White Sox; trainers: Matt Rankin, Detroit, and Troy Hoffert, Philadelphia.

Catchers: Brandon Marsters, Philadelphia; Sean Campbell, San Diego, Chad Moeller, Minnesota.

Infielders: Joe Dillow, Kansas City; Stubby Clapp, St. Louis; Matt Halloran, San Diego; Derek Mitchell, Detroit; Cleatus Davidson, Minnesota; Dan Olson, Chicago White Sox.

Outfielders: St. Louis; Chris Wakeland, Detroit; Dermal Brown, Kansas City; Jim Terrell, Chicago White Sox.

Pitchers: Adam Eaton, Rob Burger and Thomas Jacquez, Philadelphia; Matthew Kinney, Corey Spiers, and Bradley Thomas, Minnesota; Victor Santos and Chad Miles, Detroit; Donavan Delaney, Justin Pederson and Lance Carter, Kansas City; Jake Meyer, Chicago White Sox, David Riske and Jimmy Hamilton, Cleveland.

Frederick Regiment

Manager: Doug Davis, N.Y. Mets.

Staff: Pitching coach: Howie Gershberg, Anaheim; coach: Bruce Crabbe, Texas; trainers: Mike Quinn, Texas and Keith Sayers, Milwaukee.

Catchers: Yohanny Valera, N.Y. Mets; Brian Moon, Milwaukee; Steve Hagins, Anaheim.

Infielders: Shawn Gallagher and Mike Lamb, Texas; Maurice Bruce, N.Y. Mets; Jeff Deardorff, Milwaukee; Chris Woodward, Toronto; Chuck Abbott, Anaheim.

Outfielders: Jayson Bass and Harvey Hargrove, Seattle; Craig Monroe, Texas; Greg Schaub, Milwaukee, Brent Huff, N.Y. Mets.

Pitchers: Chandler Martin, David Lee, James Stoupes and Jason Brester, Colorado; Grant Roberts and Tyler Walker, N.Y. Mets; Brian Cooper, Jason Stephens and Felix Peroza, Anaheim; Josh Bradford, Toronto; Justin Kaye, Seattle; Gabe Sollicito and Doug Davis, Texas; Brian Mallette, Milwaukee.

Delmarva Rockfish

Manager: Randy Ingle, Atlanta.

Staff: Pitching coach: Dave Miller, Cleveland; coach: Bill Madlock, Boston; trainers: David Cohen, Montreal, and Tom Tisdale, Tampa Bay.

Catchers: Virgil Chevalier, Boston; Toby Hall, Tampa Bay; Yorvit Torrealba, San Francisco.

Infielders: Adam Robinson, Michael Edwards and Joe Kilburg, Cleveland; David Eckstein, Boston; Aubrey Huff, Tampa Bay; Damon Minor, San Francisco.

Outfielders: Tyrone Pendergrass, Atlanta; Milton Bradley, Montreal; Roberto Colina, Tampa Bay; Dustan Mohr, Cleveland, Mike Glendenning, San Francisco.

Pitchers: Richard Dishman, Dwayne Jacobs, Joe Winkelsas and

Jacob Shumate, Atlanta; Jason Baker, Jake Westbrook, Clarence "Matt" Blank and David Moraga, Montreal; Jonathan Lyons and Brian Partenheimer, Boston; Travis Phelps and Jason Jimenez, Tampa Bay; Mike Spiegel, Cleveland; Bill Malloy, San Francisco.

Teams not participating

Oakland, Los Angeles, Arizona, Chicago Cubs.



22-23: Frederick at Bowie; Delmarva at Delaware.

24-25: Delmarva at Bowie; Delaware at Frederick.

26-27: Bowie at Frederick; Delaware at Delmarva.

29-30: Bowie at Frederick; Delmarva at Delaware.


1-2: Frederick at Delaware; Bowie at Delmarva.

3-4: Frederick at Delmarva; Delaware at Bowie.

6-7: Frederick at Bowie; Delaware at Delmarva.

8-9: Delmarva at Frederick; Bowie at Delaware.

10-11: Frederick at Bowie; Delmarva at Delaware.

RTC 13-14: Delaware at Frederick; Bowie at Delmarva.

15-16: Frederick at Delmarva; Delaware at Bowie.

17-18: Delmarva at Frederick; Bowie at Delaware.

20-21: Delmarva at Frederick; Bowie at Delaware.

22-23: Bowie at Frederick; Delaware at Delmarva.

24-25: Delaware at Frederick; Bowie at Delmarva.

27-28: Frederick at Delmarva; Delaware at Bowie.

29-Nov. 1: Frederick at Delaware; Delmarva at Bowie.

Pub Date: 9/22/98

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