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September 22, 1998

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Which year did Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa?

What is the September "Bug of the Month" at Insecta?

She Never Lost Her Smile

The "Mona Lisa" is nearly 500 years old, but her charming smile continues to captivate art audiences worldwide. What's the deal behind that timeless smile, anyhow? Thanks to the students of Bronx High School and their partners in Borlange, Sweden, "Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?" has been developed to give art enthusiasts a better understanding of the history behind the painting. Was Leonardo Da Vinci inspired by a model, or was he painting himself? Decide for yourself at http://library. 13681/ data/davin2.shtml where you can check out multimedia exhibits, take an online quiz or simply gaze into Mona's eyes. Read up on the scientific theories behind the painting and watch as photo manipulation puts the "Mona Lisa" into a new perspective. The Da Vinci Dispatch has the latest on the artist's exhibits, including an upcoming display in Victoria, British Columbia. It's time to learn more about Leonardo. Don't forget to smile back when you meet Mona!

Web Crawlers

Bug lovers will adore Insecta, your online insectarium. From majestic creatures like butterflies and yellowjackets to creepy-crawlers like cockroaches, termites and silverfish, this site has them all. Buzz out to and don't forget to bring bug spray! This site has oodles of interesting facts and photos. Did you know that carpenter ants will bite when handled, or that ladybugs love south-facing walls and windows? Insecta's Family Tree does an outstanding job of classifying each insect and describing its unique qualities. There's also a great glossary of terms, which fills you in on everything from compound eyes to metamorphosis. If critters and varmints are your things, then Insecta is sure to be your bug heaven.

Pub Date: 9/22/98

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