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September 20, 1998

"Positive Involvement: How to Teach Your Child Habits for School Success" by Jack and Marsha Youngblood. BrownWood Press, 1995; $14.95 (includes shipping; call 800-283-1087).

Parents are their child's first teachers. Becoming positively involved in their child's schoolwork is one of the most important decisions parents will make in ensuring a child's success. Moreover, research shows that children want their parents to help them direct their lives.

In their book "Positive Involvement," education experts Jack and Marsha Youngblood provide the crucial link for parents between what they have forgotten from their early parenting skills and what they want to learn about fostering their child's good study and work habits. Jack runs the Kumon Reading Center in Bowie, as well as Kumon programs in two private schools, and he speaks regularly on the topic of parental involvement. Mary is the coordinator of college study skills for the University of Maryland's Academic Achievement Program.

When parents are informed and involved, the book asserts, children will develop the habits they need to achieve in school (and in life); and the authors provide ample research and practical solutions to demonstrate and accomplish this. "Positive Involvement" provides information on:

* Setting goals

* Encouraging children's efforts

* Establishing the "homework habit"

* Applying tools for effective studying

* Managing time

The final section presents proven techniques for study strategies and describes two established programs that make positive involvement easy for parents. This book is a must-read for parents concerned about their child's education and learning habits.

- Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

Pub Date: 9/20/98

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