Stolen equipment found in Arundel man, 45, arrested

September 19, 1998|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan | Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan,SUN STAFF

Anne Arundel County police recovered yesterday more than $100,000 worth of construction equipment that had been stolen in hundreds of break-ins of vehicles in three jurisdictions over the past year, police said.

Ronnie Merritt Fisher, 45, who owns the residence at the 2500 block of Arbuton Ave. in Baltimore where the goods were found, was arrested and charged with theft, police said.

Ralph Greaves, the Anne Arundel County detective who headed the investigation, said the equipment was bought from the group of 10 to 12 thieves who had stolen it. The recovered items includes generators, air compressors and battery-powered drills.

Greaves said the thieves had struck vehicles in Baltimore and in Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties hundreds of times since the summer of 1997. About 90 of the thefts were in Glen Burnie, Greaves said.

"They'd watch the Home Depot lot [in the 600 block of New Ordnance Road in Glen Burnie] for trucks with a [construction] ++ company name on the side," Greaves said. "They'd watch while the guy got out of his truck, they'd walk over and look inside the vehicle to see if there was anything they wanted, and they'd break into his truck."

Greaves said the thieves fled with about $5,000 worth each time and would sometimes strike two to three times a day.

Police obtained a search warrant and raided the Baltimore home at 10: 30 a.m. yesterday, he said.

They recovered four van loads of equipment, said police spokeswoman Carol Frye.

"We have so much stuff we don't know where it's all from," Frye said.

Frye said those from whom construction equipment has been stolen in the past year should go to the Northern District Station at 939 Hammonds Lane in Brooklyn Park after 7 p.m. Tuesday to identify and reclaim property. Greaves said copies of a police report filed after the theft should be brought along.

Pub Date: 9/19/98

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