Where Sun's readers stand on presidential sex, lies and 0...


September 19, 1998

Where Sun's readers stand on presidential sex, lies and 0) impeachment

This investigation is the result of President Clinton's behavior.

He had sex with a young intern while some laid-off government workers were worried about putting food on their tables and gifts under their Christmas trees. He stood before God and made marriage vows that he has flagrantly disregarded.

Twice, he took the oath of office and promised to faithfully execute the laws of 2his nation.

It was his stonewalling for seven months that kept this story going.

Why is Kenneth Starr getting the bad press? Aren't we shooting the messenger?

Lori Retta

Elicott City

Forgiveness and gratitude

Listening to graphic descriptions of anyone's sex activities is disgusting to most of us. To display on the Internet volumes of explicit details of our president's sexual experiences without first allowing him or his attorneys to review the report is tricky and unfair.

The obvious purpose is to influence the mind-set of the public before they hear the president's side of the story.

I wonder if the illicit activities of Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy might not have repulsed us had they been so sordidly portrayed to the American public.

No president has been more dedicated to the interests and needs of his countrymen than Bill Clinton. He is a great president.

We owe him our forgiveness for his human sins and gratitude for all the good he has done for us at home and for other people abroad.

Inez Rhodes


First family will survive

I have sifted through the Starr report and concluded that the president did harm to his family, our families, our country and future presidents.

Some sympathetic readers may be trying to reconcile what will happen to the first lady and Chelsea Clinton if the president leaves office. Mrs. Clinton will retain her status as a top-notch lawyer and retain some respect; Chelsea Clinton will still get a first-class education at Stanford and have the respect of her peers.

Will the country or our families be so well off? I think not. My kids can't go to Stanford, my family won't have a large retirement and a guarantee that they will have "protection" because they are special. The president should cut his losses before it's too late for the rest of us.

Rose Edwards


Mishandled investigation

The president hurt his family, friends, associates, staff and the American people, but the handling of the investigation also was wrong.

Monica Lewinsky's mother should not have been summoned to testify about her daughter's sexual activities. No mother should be placed in that position.

New precedents were established when Secret Service agents were summoned to testify and when the president's lawyer was summoned before the grand jury -- lawyers agreed that this could destroy the lawyer-client privilege that has always existed.

The media was wrong in its constant reporting of the Clinton-Lewinsky matter. When the president visited Ireland where men, women and children had died in a terrorist bombing, reporters asked about the Lewinsky affair. Reporters asked the wrong questions at the wrong time.

The Starr report was immediately put on the Internet in graphic detail. No consideration was given to minimize the embarrassment to the president's family or to Ms. Lewinsky's family.

It would be nice if the investigators would review the manner in which they obtained and distributed their information. Do the means justify the ends?

Clarence G. Shelley


Lewinsky should apologize

When will Monica Lewinsky apologize to the people of this country? A woman of 22 should have reached the age of accountability and should know right from wrong. What of her morals of pursuing an illicit affair with the president, where the results could break up his family and embarrass this nation?

Dorothy M. Christopher


Young woman's deviance

However disgusted I feel about our presidents behavior, nothing us more abhorrent to me than Monica Lewinsky's deviant acts in their sexual encounters. She is not deserving of any apology.

As for that ever-smirking Kenneth Starr, I think he missed his calling. Mr. Starr should have been a reporter for one of those trashy tabloid. They, too, love to look for dirt.

Betty Eisenberg


Reasons for impeachment

Yes, the president of the United States has made himself look almost like a clown in most people's eyes, and yes, Bill Clinton is the perfect example of a lying, slimy, scumbag. But has he performed an impeachable act?

The fact that it just happened to be the president does not call for impeachment. What does call for impeachment is how he has played the American people for fools. What does call for impeachment is the leader of our armed forces lying under oath and teaching low morals to our youth.

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