Opponent's playbook

September 18, 1998|By Mike Preston

Jaguars' Trips Gun Right, Y-In Z-Read

A look at a play that the Jacksonville Jaguars have used with much success against the Ravens in the past two seasons.

The action: At the snap, the linemen lock into their pass sets. Receiver Jimmy Smith (82), who is wide left, runs an out-and-up pattern. Tight end Pete Mitchell (83) runs a deep curl across the middle, and receiver Reggie Barlow (84), wide right, runs a pattern similar to Smith's. Receiver Keenan McCardell (87), who is lined up slot right, runs a 5- to 7-yard pattern. If the Ravens are in man-to-man defense, he continues across the middle. If the Ravens are in a zone, he breaks off the route and sits to the outside. Quarterback Mark Brunell (8) takes a five-step drop, with McCardell as the primary receiver and the outside receivers as the secondary options.

Pub Date: 9/18/98

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