Headline blasts report instead of president who lies and...


September 18, 1998

Headline blasts report instead of president who lies and cheats

The Sun's headline reads, "Starr focus on sex deplored." Huh?

Shouldn't that read, "Clinton obsession with sex deplored"?

Or, "Clinton lies obsessively for seven months to his cabinet, the Congress, the American people, and, oh yeah, his wife"?

Let's get it straight. What's deplorable about The Sun's headline is that it blasts the messenger instead of our lying, perjuring, adulterous president.

He's the man who splits hairs over the legal definition of sex while biting his lower lip and asking us to forgive him.

Michael Holden


Women who excuse Clinton will let kids do anything

The thing that aggravates me most is the modern-day woman. Almost every one of those interviewed on the Clinton investigation said that they don't care about his sexual affairs and that as long as the country is in good shape, no one cares what a president does.

The point that scares me the most is that all this could mean that the modern-day parents will more than likely say to their children that as long as you get good marks in school, I don't care if you have sex.

I remember when presidents were supposed to set a good example.

Charles Mack

Forest Hill

FDR's affair still cheating, no matter how romantic

Theo Lippman Jr.'s account of the Franklin Roosevelt and Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd affair -- saying there is no comparison to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky -- is one of the silliest pieces I have read ("Lucy Rutherfurd was not FDR's Monica Lewinsky," Sept. 13).

Mr. Lippman believes that because Mercer and FDR were aristocratic, discreet and socially adept, and poor Eleanor Roosevelt was plain and dull, it was understandable, almost justifiable.

In fact, it was a secretive, physical affair carried on when Eleanor Roosevelt was out of town, and it broke her heart. To some people this "true romance" is even more treacherous than Mr. Clinton's sordid philandering. It is still cheating, no matter how sweet it was.

Annie P. Wagner



Theo Lippman Jr.'s book reviews concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt's relationship with Lucy Rutherfurd was a welcome comment on getting historical facts straight. Without getting into the morality of the events, it is well to recognize that some people do exercise a sense of decorum and discretion.

In this age when the banal and the crude are advertised incessantly, many are quick to make comparisons when they just don't fit. Whatever one thought of Mr. Roosevelt's policies, and political actions, he always behaved as a gentleman. President Clinton does not know the meaning of the word. I, too, bristle when Mr. Clinton's behavior is compared with that of other presidents.

Jean M. Hammond


Starr makes me ashamed to be a Republican

I sincerely hope Kenneth Starr will shut down his money-machine after having bilked the taxpayers of millions of dollars and having made us the laughingstock of the world.

I am no friend of President Clinton, but I am now ashamed of being a lifelong Republican.

Keith Smith


If Clinton's acts are right, he should pardon officer

The president and his attorneys assert that his extramarital "sexual liaison" are a purely personal matter and that lying under oath about such behaviors does not constitute a criminal offense.

The commander-in-chief should reinforce these generously liberal moral and legal principles by immediately pardoning and reinstating the job, rank and benefits of Kelly Flinn, the Air Force officer and bomber pilot who last year was forced to resign when she lied about having an extramarital affair.

John A. Covington


Final act president could do for his nation is resign

President Clinton's behavior, as outlined in the Starr report, is reprehensible and immoral, leaving him a damaged and weakened president. His immediate resignation would be a positive action benefiting the country.

It would prevent a protracted period of great political and social turmoil, permit the competent and respected Vice President Al Gore to assume office, show the world that the United States with its superpower status has credible leadership and make it possible for Congress to focus on other important issues facing the American people.

Resignation would be a bitter pill for Mr. Clinton, but it is something he can do now for his country and to assuage our sense of betrayal. It might gain for him a measure of appreciation and respect from the people.

Margaret B. Tylor


When Congress warms up to porn on the Internet

The puritanical censors in Congress have no problem with publishing porn on the Internet when it serves their agenda.

Carl Aron


Glendening straddles fence over connection to Clinton

I am not criticizing Gov. Parris N. Glendening's decision to reject President Clinton's offer to attend a political affair with him, but sending his running mate in his stead was fence-straddling.

William W. Townsend


Closing of Jones Falls will showcase the city

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