Support for Monica moniker

September 18, 1998|By Judith Forman

Monicas of the world, unite!

A support organization has been formed to help you through times when "innocent good women have been heckled, ridiculed, shamed and maimed because they have the name Monica."

So says Mandy Stellman, a Milwaukee attorney and co-founder of Monicas With Attitude. Its purpose? To help women named Monica "celebrate their names" and "develop positive programs and activities that will preserve and promote the reputations that so many earlier Monicas have enjoyed."

Women with other monikers are welcome too. "We felt this is a backlash against all women, that everybody was smeared because of the way Mr. Starr was handling his investigation and what he put into his report," says Stellman.

Stellman, whose son, Leslie, is a Baltimore attorney, said the name Monica derives from the Latin word meaning "adviser or nun."

The first MWA meeting is Sept. 26 in Milwaukee. If you can't make it, don't fret. Stellman encourages long distance membership -- $35gets you a certificate and newsletter -- via phone (414-344-3333) or snail mail (3111 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 53208). She hopes to start an MWA chapter in every community.

And if the Monica herself wanted to become part of the gang? "I'd be happy to have her join," Stellman says.

Pub Date: 9/18/98

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