Orioles' ups and downs

September 13, 1998|By Joe Strauss

Kevin Malone -- UP -- Shed no tears for the former Orioles assistant GM. He receives $500,000 a year, a semblance of control and a return to his roots. Now, it's the Orioles who are on the spot.

Playoff brokering -- UP -- The Angels, Blue Jays, Rangers and Red Sox may point to their late-season games with the Orioles as making or breaking their season. Too bad the Orioles cite the Devil Rays, Expos, Marlins and White Sox as canceling theirs.

Broadcast math -- DOWN -- Somebody in the WBAL booth was actually heard discussing how the Orioles could still make the playoffs. What's next? How Mark McGwire might not hit 62 home runs? Read on.

Alan Mills -- UP -- "The funeral started a long time ago for us. The funeral started when we went 0-10. It stinks, because right now Toronto is all over Boston. We should be there. The funeral's over. The body's in the ground." Give this guy a keyboard.

Organizational continuity -- DOWN -- It was the fad phrase when Ray Miller replaced Davey Johnson last November. It suddenly lost relevance when the general manager became the issue.

Attendance -- DOWN -- Forget announced crowds. Green plastic has become September's fashion statement.

Pub Date: 9/13/98

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