Sheriff enforced smoking ban while violating itOn April...


September 13, 1998

Sheriff enforced smoking ban while violating it

On April 28, I read an article in The Sun entitled, "Carroll sheriff accused of smoking in his office."

When confronted about violating state law that prohibits smoking in county-owned buildings, Sheriff John H. Brown was quoted as saying, "I honestly didn't think the law applied to this building." Mr. Brown reportedly informed The Sun's Mike Farabaugh that he never saw the county memo that banned smoking in all county-owned or leased buildings.

Here's the rest of the story: On Nov. 10, 1993, Mr. Brown issued Sheriff Department General Order 93-009: "Effective Nov. 15, 1993, the entire Carroll County Sheriff's Office will become 'smoke-free.' There will be no further smoking in any sheriff's office, to include sheriff's services, detention center or court security."

Compliance and integrity are not options for elected officials.

At least he didn't deny that he inhaled.

Robert W. Johnson Jr.


Tregoning: Trust in law enforcement

Carroll County is rapidly approaching the year 2000 and many changes are occurring around us. Our community, especially in the South Carroll area, is experiencing considerable business and residential development all around. With this growth comes many issues and problems that will affect our quality of life.

I have been involved in law enforcement for 25 years and know first-hand the problems and complexity of a sheriff's office. As a citizen and taxpayer observing the sheriff's office in Carroll over many years, it is obvious that it is time for a change in leadership.

A relationship of trust and confidence between the sheriff's office and the community is essential. Professionalism, personal integrity and leadership are the hallmark of Kenneth L. Tregoning, candidate for sheriff of Carroll County.

During his distinguished 30-year career with the state police, Mr. Tregoning faithfully served the citizens of Carroll as commander of the Westminster barracks. He now wants to direct his expertise where it can most affect the community where he and his wife live and have raised their family.

Bob Keefer

Mount Airy

Brown's slogans can be read two ways

Campaign slogans can become catch phrases or they can "catch" a candidate with his own words. For instance, in reviewing Carroll County Sheriff John H. Brown's slogans, I found them to be terribly misleading.

His signs claim him "tough on criminals." However, if he is tough while serving warrants or housing prisoners, use of excessive force is against the law. He demonstrated his toughness when the infamous gun incident occurred. Pointing a gun at the back of the head of a suspect in handcuffs, subdued and on the floor, was totally unprofessional.

"It's jail, not a hotel" is a slogan in one of his ads. A prisoner is shown wearing one of those cartoon-like uniforms he favors. One is reminded of a 1930s B-movie, or better yet, a scene from the Keystone Kops. If this is his idea of toughness, one can only laugh.

Another slogan, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" begs the question: Why for the past year has he whined about how broke it is? Not enough space -- try to put prisoners in tents. Not enough manpower -- try to form a posse. Can't help with the drug problem -- all this even though his staff has increased from 67 to 84.

The next slogan mentioned in his ads, "What people are saying about," has politicians praising his management abilities.

What people in the neighborhoods are talking about is how he mismanaged a $1.4 million budget. Or, about the nearly $5 million cost overruns from the addition to the jail, a result of his objection to the plans.

We deserve a professional lawman, not a flamboyant showman.

Judith B. DuVal


Grenada comparison to Clinton ludicrous

In Matthew Rothschild's Opinion Commentary piece in The Sun ("U.S. takes a wrong turn with air strikes," Aug. 23), he states, "Since the end of World War II, presidents have been abrogating to themselves these powers of Congress. [Bill] Clinton is no exception, but his action was the most self-serving since Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada on Oct. 25, 1983, just two days after 218 Marines were killed in Lebanon."

To state that a successful operation such as Grenada was put together in 48 hours so that Ronald Reagan could look presidential is self-serving, irresponsible and ludicrous.

Richard D. Oler


Real debate needed, not 'beauty contest'

In the past several weeks, commissioner candidates have been invited to speak at public forums. In my opinion, these forums are not doing justice to this important race because they are mere "beauty contests" (no offense, gentlemen).

I would like to offer a challenge to the six who are successful in the primary: Please join with me and urge at least one organization to sponsor a meaningful debate on several of the most pressing issues.

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