Proposed mall in Hanover isn't 'smart growth'The Anne...


September 13, 1998

Proposed mall in Hanover isn't 'smart growth'

The Anne Arundel County Council's recent 7-0 vote to accommodate a new megamall in Hanover sets in motion the likely destruction of at least 380 forested acres.

If economic development is truly the county's goal, why not re-develop abandoned ghost malls already sitting on top of paved acreage?

Harundale, Parole and Whitehall's U.S. 50-301 are examples of neglected spots long overdue for creative renovation and beautification.

The council took a position inconsistent with truly "smart" long-range growth.

The proposed new mall will carry increased traffic congestion, storm water runoff and smog, reduction of open space as well as the elimination of green space and wildlife habitat.

The lack of public process on such a significant, irreversible decision is distressing. I urge the council to reconsider the vote and open the matter to broad citizen input.

Jenny Spivak


Return pride to our neighborhoods

I write this letter as a concerned citizen who cares about the city and state.

Our neighborhoods need to be brought up to the standards we enjoyed in the past, where proper street lighting was a deterrent to crime. Our neighborhoods should continually be a source of pride through cleanliness and community involvement.

I hope readers will exercise their right Tuesday to take control of politics. Every vote is important.

Dominic M. Leone Jr.

Riviera Beach

Scott is a better choice than Neall

This is response to a letter by Ray Kenney, "Reasons to vote for Robert Neall," on Sept. 6.

Is this the same Robert R. Neall whose dual role as a lobbyist and legislator was uncovered by The Sun?

The same Robert Neall who quit politics in 1994 to pursue more financially rewarding opportunities, only to return to his stomping grounds in search of consulting and lobbying dollars?

The same Robert Neall who left his county with secret unfunded pension arrangements that have yet to have the full spotlight shone on them?

The Robert Neall who fought the tax cap that was favored by 72 percent of the voters?

Mr. Kenney mentions personal sacrifices by Mr. Neall to take the vacancy created by the death of state Sen. Jack Cade.

What were they? He even lobbied the Republican Party to fill the seat.

The voters of Legislative District 33 finally have a man of integrity and ethics willing to go to Annapolis for them and not for special interest groups.

Mr. Neall recently sent out a letter saying he needs $60,000 for his campaign. Is this to beat a first-time challenger or to buy political favors?

We claim we want people of high ethics and integrity in government. That is why Bill Scott is deserving of your vote and trust.

Barry Tollenger


Gary should not dictate to schools

As a citizen of Anne Arundel County, I am concerned that the educational needs of our children are not a priority of our current county executive. Basic needs are not being met.

County Executive John G. Gary has no business dictating how our schools are run. The position of superintendent of Anne Arundel County public schools is already filled.

We need a county executive who is sympathetic to the needs of our schools and our children. Janet Owens is that candidate. She realizes the importance in fostering and strengthening our schools toward greater economic development.

Sean Ahern


Gary calling who 'unaccountable'?

On July 21, Anne Arundel County Executive John G. Gary was quoted in the Annapolis Capital as saying, "You should be outraged that the school board expects your elected representative to give them an additional $5.8 million without providing details for the public record as to how they intend to spend the money."

Mr. Gary, I am outraged -- outraged about your peculiar view of accountability. Does it only apply to the other guy?

You have rewarded friends with jobs and pensions at salary levels beyond county specifications. You have not investigated missing money at the county detention center. License fees collected by Planning and Code Enforcement are not accounted for. You demanded that the county revenue authority created by you have no accountability at all.

The council struggled and got some minor accountability enforced. But in the first year, the "self-supporting" authority asks for $240,000 in "seed money."

Over and over, Theresa Sutherland, the county auditor, has brought up administration irregularities. God bless her, she's brave and doing her job. Has she had any cooperation from Mr. Gary? None that I have heard about.

Now there is the biggest outrage of all. It is an issue that affects all the school children in the county.

Mr. Gary, the school superintendent came up with a budget that went over your expectations. Did you negotiate to come to some agreement?

No. You attacked her integrity, got mad and with the votes you control in the council slashed her budget. Teachers need raises, schools need repairs, classes need to be smaller, children need resources.

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